Allegations that Sam Wood has already cheated on winner Snezana Markoski

Season 3 of Bachelor Australia just wrapped with a touching fairytale ending and Bachelor Sam Wood choosing 34-year-old single mom Snezana Markoski whom he insists that he is ‘madly in love with’, but there are already allegations that Sam has been cheating on his new love! I know—it’s hard to imagine since Sam is such a sweet and compassionate … Read more

Are Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski still together?

The Bachelor Australia finale just aired but wrapped taping months ago. The cute couple Sam Wood, 35 and Snezana Markoski, 34 have been in hiding since it finished. So are they still together? YES!!! Thankfully the gorgeous couple survived the months of hiding (despite rumors that Sam has already cheated) and are still together and … Read more