Allegations that Sam Wood has already cheated on winner Snezana Markoski

Season 3 of Bachelor Australia just wrapped with a touching fairytale ending and Bachelor Sam Wood choosing 34-year-old single mom Snezana Markoski whom he insists that he is ‘madly in love with’, but there are already allegations that Sam has been cheating on his new love!

I know—it’s hard to imagine since Sam is such a sweet and compassionate guy, but the revelations came when a group of The Bachelor contestants ran into some of Sam’s old friends from his Tazmanian home town.

According to Yahoo they claim the 35-year-old heart-throb Sam ‘had a string of broken-hearted exes,’ and has been more interested in impressing women and promoting his business ventures than settling down and getting married.

‘Make no mistake – Sam is a player, he is a ladies’ man and he is a cheater. Sam is very much living a single life,’  according to one friend.

Another said,

‘And if he is not at the latest trendy bar, he is entertaining girls in Bali at a private villa. That’s hardly acting like a man who has found the person he wants to marry.’

Wow! Well I guess we will have to wait and see how things play out, but Sam and Snez are still very much together and in love.


012f23eb01e3382aafefeb1e45b14b70Bachelor Sam Wood chooses Snezana Markoski!

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