Impeach Obama 2012: Director Sean Stone breaks down legal grounds for impeachment

Director, producer, actor and writer Sean Stone (son of Oliver Stone) put together a short documentary outlining exactly why Obama is “that bad” and impeachment proceedings should continue under a new bill. There has been a media black-out on the bill introduced in Congress to impeach President Barack Obama. The bill H. CON. RES. 107, Legislation … Read more

Lobbyists hired by Obama after he promised no lobbyist would work for him

I can’t believe it is election time again! The mood seems much more somber this time around. Perhaps because voters are not excited about either candidate. Obama really did a number on Americans by breaking some really big promises after running on a campaign of “Hope and Change”. There are obviously numerous examples of how … Read more

Vote now! Weigh in on political figures, political situations and the media

In my experience most polls do not ask questions that people really want to weigh in on or they do not provide the answers that reflect how people feel. They are worded to support the current left/right paradigm and leave out any other possiblity. And certainly the media does not seem to be accurately reflecting back … Read more

National Defense Authorization Act kills the Bill of Rights

The National Defense Authorization Act was signed into law December 31st of 2011 by President Obama. It has created a slew of controversy for the way it enables the federal government to detain American citizens indefinitely without a trial. Its troubling to say the least that such a monumental Bill was slid into law while people … Read more