JP Morgan Chase derivatives: a 2 billion dollar crack in a 200 trillion dollar situation

A two billion dollar loss may not seem like much to a company that’s worth 2.3 trillion dollars but this is a very big deal and here is why: US banks have 200 trillion dollars in derivatives on their books and taxpayers guarantee that debt. Q: What is a derivative? A: No one knows Not … Read more

Impeach Obama 2012: Director Sean Stone breaks down legal grounds for impeachment

Director, producer, actor and writer Sean Stone (son of Oliver Stone) put together a short documentary outlining exactly why Obama is “that bad” and impeachment proceedings should continue under a new bill. There has been a media black-out on the bill introduced in Congress to impeach President Barack Obama. The bill H. CON. RES. 107, Legislation … Read more

Vote now! Weigh in on political figures, political situations and the media

In my experience most polls do not ask questions that people really want to weigh in on or they do not provide the answers that reflect how people feel. They are worded to support the current left/right paradigm and leave out any other possiblity. And certainly the media does not seem to be accurately reflecting back … Read more

Situation: The tainted American food supply

Robyn O’Brien speaks at TEDxAustin about the underbelly of the genetically and chemically modified American food supply and how she became a “real food” evangelist. This is a situation that is always on the minds of us here at Ok! Here is the Situation and Robyn’s story is a powerful reminder of why we need … Read more

Situation: Chemtrails

There is a major situation happening all over our skies that no one can seem to explain: white trails that spread and transform a perfectly clear blue sky into an opaque white haze. Like most people I had never really paid much attention to the phenomenon of a contrail much less the phenomenon of a contrail versus a chemtrail. … Read more

Delaware: Tiny state, giant situation

For decades Delaware has been the dirty little secret of politicians and corporate America alike. In fact, it was Pete DuPont of the DuPont chemical empire that got the credit card companies to move their businesses to Delaware in the 1980s. Since then, 50% of US corporations have registered as Delaware corps. I became intrigued … Read more