Who has Vanderpump Rules’ James Kennedy dated or slept with?

The list of women who have had the unfortunate experience of sleeping with or dating 25-year-old Vanderpump Rules star James Kennedy is growing bigger by the minute so I better just start this list now. Don’t worry. I will update it as more women come forward. First of all, lets be honest. If James was not … Read more

James Kennedy and mom Jacqueline Georgiou discuss his break up and her divorce

James Kennedy is all over the map this season of Vanderpump Rules. Last week he was flaunting his bite marks and scratches from a 7 hour sex-capade with Hostess Lauren and this week he is crying like a baby to his mother Jacqueline Georgiou. His gorgeous mother and former Elite model Jacqueline aka Jackie, 45 drops by … Read more

7 Things to know about Vanderpump Rules’ James Kennedy

Last year we did not know that much about Vanderpump Rules star James Kennedy except that he was a DJ and liked to take Beemer selfies. But this season we are learning a lot…in some cases maybe TOO much. But here are some facts you may or may not know about the 23-year-old musician. 1. … Read more

Vanderpump Rules — Lauren tells her side of the story about hooking up with James Kennedy


Tonight on the annual Gay Pride episode of Vanderpump Rules hostess Lauren confides in Lala Kent that she hooked up with someone, but she does not confide in Lala that she hooked up with James Kennedy. On Watch What Happens Live the After Show Lauren explains her side of the story and why she was not honest … Read more