Who has Vanderpump Rules’ James Kennedy dated or slept with?

The list of women who have had the unfortunate experience of sleeping with or dating 25-year-old Vanderpump Rules star James Kennedy is growing bigger by the minute so I better just start this list now. Don’t worry. I will update it as more women come forward.

First of all, lets be honest. If James was not a ticket to star on a massively popular cable reality show, most if not all of these women would not have sunk to such lows. But I digress.

Anyhow, James Kennedy aka James Georgiou joined the show in season 3 as a lowly BusBoy at SUR. In fact allegedly Lisa Vanderpump hired him as a favor to James’ mother and friend Jackie Georgiou who has since high-tailed it London.

So immediately we see that despite being a BusBoy, James is very ambitious and very cunning. He knows what he wants. He wants to be famous and he wants to get laid. So in an effort to achieve both, he starts with a drunk Kristen Doute. Kristen was his ticket on to the show so he made sure he was very available when Kristen and Tom officially broke up at the end of season 2.

The two dueling hot messes dated for about a year. In fact they started their relationship while Kristen was still with Tom Sandoval. James even wore one of Tom’s condoms for the consummation of that disastrous love affair.

Then James hooked up with another waitress at SUR named ‘Jenna’…of the ‘smoking gun Uber’.

Remember James got embarrassingly drunk at a SUR party and took Jenna home with him, then purchased an Uber ride to send her home early the following am. Said receipt provided the evidence to Kristen that he had cheated and led to the breakup.

In fact an insider told us she was 29-year-old Jenna Willis and she was close friends with Scheana Shay.james-lala

Then of course there was Lala Kent. James was obsessed with Lala but its important to note the two did not have sex until recently—recall last year the two got drunk and almost had sex but Lala was upset that James could not fit into any of her condoms and she shut him down.

But even though they didn’t have much sex they did really date which is why Lala was so upset when she learned that James slept with friend and fellow SURver Lauren.

In fact the sex with Lauren was so hot and raunchy that James showed up at SUR covered in hickeys, scratches and bite marks.

And Lauren was actually cheating on boyfriend Anthony (also a SURver) when she engaged in sexual relations with James.

So then after season 4 wrapped James met pageant queen Raquel Leviss from Sonoma, California because he played Beyonce.james_kennedy_gf

And despite being head over heels in love with Raquel he managed to find time to sleep with SURver Gigi and Ellie. Both women decide to spill the beans on season 5 of the show. “GG” aka Gerelyn Gilbert tells Jax who is looking for something to confront Kennedy on. When he mentions that James cheated on Raquel with Gigi, James flips out and compares Gigi to “a Honda civic”.

“Me and Raquel love each other! Come at me, any desperado b**ch that wants to become someone…”

“I wouldn’t f**k GG with a 10-foot pole. I mean I’m here driving around an Aston Martin, you think I’m gonna jump in this Honda Civic for a quick joyride?” he says in confessional. Ouch! NO girl wants to be called a ‘Honda Civic’.

James vehemently denies having sex with GG, but Kristen Doute says,

“Of course he hooked up with GG. Of course James hooked up with her…I think I said this a year ago. He’s just working his way down the SUR totem pole. It started with me, God forbid, and now this hostess, now the new hostess. It’s like, what’s next? Are you gonna go after one of the chef’s daughters? I mean, come on, James.”

Thankfully Kristen tells us that we will get to hear more about what supposedly happened between James Kennedy and GG as the season progresses.

“The fans, the viewers will get to see that play out a little bit more as this season goes on. It doesn’t stop there.” Thank God!

Next on the list, Ellie. According to an insider she is actress/model Ellie Mumin. Ellie confesses to Lala that she had sex with James while he was with his current girlfriend. Not only does she confess but she breaks out an evidence file where Ellie had the genius idea to take a time-stamped selfie of her in bed with James knowing he would try and deny it. Ellie claimed the relationship started around the holidays in 2015 and continued through March which was a month prior to when this episode was filmed.Lala-kent-ellie

James insisted that Ellie was a “2015 smash”. “I met Raquel New Year’s Eve 2015 and my dick has never been inside Ellie in 2016” he eloquently says.

Normally I would think the minute Raquel gets word of his liaisons she would dump him, BUT, I sadly think all of these woman (except Kristen of course) are sleeping with James in an effort to get a starring role on Vanderpump Rules. Kristen slept with James in an effort to keep her starring role on VP Rules…in my opinion.

Another interesting observation is that almost all of these women only slept with him once or twice and then tried to hide the hookup. So I expect more women to emerge from hiding and share their horror stories. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Feb 9/2017: I love this very stealth Tweeter, walkingthruafog and her passion for exposing the dirt on the VP Rules cast. It looks like there is some chatter that James Kennedy may be gay or at least bi-sexual from CDN.

Although let me preface by saying CDN doesn’t blatantly spell out JKs name. But the description of this ‘star’ certainly sounds like James. In their ‘Blind Item’ they say this about a ‘Bravo star’.

“This Bravo reality star who likens himself to another celebrity is closeted. Well, to fans, but not to the people in West Hollywood or the multiple guys he slept with who a pseudo relative introduced to him over the years who paid for his services.”

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