Peter Madrigal claims that he brought the girls back to the hotel room–not Jax

The plot thickens on San Diego Hotel Bathroom-gate on season 3 of Vanderpump Rules on an episode titled What Happens in San Diego. Tonight we saw Jax Taylor, Peter Madrigal, Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval head down to San Diego and the Hard Rock Hotel for a ‘Boys Weekend’. Jax allegedly gets drunk and has sex … Read more

Jax Taylor out-Jaxes himself in San Diego

Jax Taylor out-Jaxes himself in San Diego So tonight the cast of Vanderpump Rules takes crazy to a whole new level and Mr. Jax Taylor even out Jaxes himself. The boys head to San Diego for a ‘Boy’s Weekend’ and it sounds like girlfriend Tiffany Matthews was supposed to go with them but because she … Read more