Peter Madrigal claims that he brought the girls back to the hotel room–not Jax

The plot thickens on San Diego Hotel Bathroom-gate on season 3 of Vanderpump Rules on an episode titled What Happens in San Diego.

Tonight we saw Jax TaylorPeter Madrigal, Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval head down to San Diego and the Hard Rock Hotel for a ‘Boys Weekend’. Jax allegedly gets drunk and has sex with a girl in their hotel suite bathroom. He also allegedly brought a bunch of girls up to the room.

But Jax is claiming that editing makes it look like he was the one who brought the girls back, but in fact it was Peter Madrigal who brought the girls up to the hotel room. And Peter surprisingly confirmed that tonight on the Twitter.

I never blame anything on editing but @LLPJMadrigal brought those girls back …not me he found them at another club peter tell them

— JaxTaylor (@mrjaxtaylor) December 30, 2014

Peter Madrigal responded:

@mrjaxtaylor yes I did invite them over to our hotel room. Jax had nothing to do with them. #PumpRules

— Peter Sur Manager (@LLPJMadrigal) December 30, 2014

Just when we thought Peter was far too consumed with straightening his hair to be causing trouble that night, the plot thickens. The SUR manager who always manages to stay above the fray may have been a catalyst in this situation.

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