Richie Strahan blindsides fans by choosing Alex Nation over runner-up Nikki Gogan

The season 4 Bachelor Australia finale just aired and Richie Strahan’s final choice shocked everyone! Seems like Australia’s Bachelor finale’s are always wrought with controversy and fan fury. Recall season 2 when 31-year-old Bachelor Blake Garvey broke up with 25-year-old winner Sam Frost 5 weeks after their engagement for 2nd runner-up contestant Louise Pillidge?  This season is no different. Fans felt certain that the 32-year-old Mining Rope … Read more

Who is Bachelorette contestant Richie Strahan?

Who is Bachelorette contestant Richie Strahan? Richie Strahan is the hot 30-year-old mining rope technician from Perth (Western Australia) vying for the love of Australia Bachelorette Sam Frost. . Richie is an true epicurean and a daredevil. He left a job in real estate for something a lot more exciting and dangerous —- He became … Read more

Richie Strahan — Bachelorette Sam Frost — Bio, Photos, Wiki

Richie Strahan Richie Strahan — Bachelorette Sam Frost — Bio, Photos, Wiki Name: Richie Strahan Age: 30 Hometown: Western Australia, Perth Occupation: Mining Rope Technician/professional abseiler Eyes: Blue Hair color: Ginger/blonde Height: 6’2″ / 187cm Ex girlfriend: Allegedly Richie dated Bachelor winner Snezana Markoski His cousin is former Big Brother star, Lisa Clark. From his Bio “This … Read more