Lisa Vanderpump on Jax Taylor: ‘Brittany’s not the problem right now, he is’

This season of Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor’s rather hasty and impulsive decisions seem to be catching up to the 36-year-old star. Commitment-phobic Taylor impulsively invited new girlfriend Brittany Cartwright to move from Kentucky to California to be with him. He then impulsively invited Brittany to move in to his tiny studio apartment with him.  And then……impulsively stole a … Read more

Lisa Vanderpump confronts Jax Taylor about his arrest

When Jax Taylor returns from Hawaii he is forced to confront his boss Lisa Vanderpump who appears very unhappy with Jax (although it’s hard to imagine that she is not celebrating how fabulous the arrest will be for ratings–it’s a weird dichotomy with Lisa. She pretends that she is rooting for these kids, but the … Read more