HTS at Burning Man

So the only thing we love almost as much as the Bachelor is Burning Man. For the past several years we have run an advice box at Burning Man to help people navigate any and all situations. It was originally meant for simple BM situations like “there are missing kazoos at such and such camp” (a real situation). But we quickly realized that if you put the words “psych-therapy” or “situation” in el-wire you better prepare yourself for what comes your way. This year we decided to bring ALOT of visual aides in the form of 8 x 11 glossy photos of contestants and Chris Harrison. Penny Farthing is seen here hanging said photos which are carefully mounted with painters tape on gold painted cardboard.

Here we see Penny Farthing standing in front of our camp at night. So we may have combined a few elements of another reality show…Survivor, but we were really going for drama and we needed to integrate fire into the set-up.




Here is the actual “box” where situations were handled. Framed photos of contestants were placed on the table as visual aides.







We also created another el wire sign that read “Situation Room”. Again, please note if you put the word “situation” in el-wire you will manifest situations so be extremely cautious.







At night we set up a gallery along the “street” so passers by could celebrate the Bachelor with us.

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