Situation: ‘Bachelor’ Emily O’Brien’s disappearing mole!

First of all, this post should really be called: Mole Gate 2012. Why? Because the disappearing mole situation isn’t an isolated Bachelor incident. We’ve noticed it, so far, with Ben Flajnik as well as with amazing lady Emily O’Brien. But, it could be an epidemic far beyond what we’ve been able to detect on the show.

Even before season 16 of The Bachelor started, various media outlets were reporting on Ben Flajnik’s disappearing moles.


But, recently, we noticed this disappearing mole situation has also spread to amazing lady Emily O’Brien! Specifically, when you see footage of Emily in group situations, you see a very prominent mole next to her right eye. But, in here ITMs = NO MOLE!

Watch next week and you’ll see….

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