‘Bachelorette’ villain Kalon McMahon is a douchebag on Twitter

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Um, WOW! So, we’ve all been fairly skeptical of Kalon McMahon (aka “Helicopter Guy”) and his motives and his overall “spoiled rich boy” antics on The Bachelorette over the past few weeks. And, a lot of us, from the previews, have made the assumption that either Ryan or Kalon were probably the leading picks for “who’s going to call Ricki ‘baggage’ and make Emily go all ‘angry mama.'” Well, we are starting to think that not only is it Kalon, which makes him even more douchey than we already thought, but that he’s one of the most douchey and lame contestants to grace the Bachelorette stage in, dare we say it, Bachelorette history. Think: Justin “Rated R” Rego times 1,000,000!

Why? Well, you know you already agree, but in case you need MORE fodder, you gotta read what he’s been saying on Twitter (@KalonMcM). Here are some of his latest gems, with pictures:

@chrisbharrison: Watching Monday’s #theBachelorette the rise of Sean & the dramatic fall of Kalon!!!” Fall? I win… http://pic.twitter.com/0uWtMDkh
First of all, Chris Harrison was definitely teasing to us that Kalon is going to be booted next episode, but he didn’t flat out say he was, which means having Kalon posting pics of him with girls that aren’t Emily is probably a breach of contract. I’m sure ABC doesn’t care too much about that, but still….LAME. Also, posting these pictures to – what? – mend his fractured male ego? – is also LAME. And you gotta love his use of “I win” a la Courtney Robertson “winning” style. But, unlike Ben Flajnik and his choosing of the villain in Bachelor Season 16, I am VERY happy that Emily is not (at least, so far) falling for any of this season’s TOTAL D-BAG’s!!!

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