Bachelor Winter Games confirmed cast

Bachelor Winter Games official cast list Ben Flajnik, Luke Pell, Clare Crawley, Kevin Wendt, Peter Kraus & Jordan Mauger At last we have some confirmed names for Bachelor Winter Games! Mike Fleiss has been dropping a few names and a few breadcrumbs for a while now in regards to who exactly will star on the … Read more

Chris Harrison says Fantasy Suites equipped with tools for safe sex

This is the question we have been asking for years! Are Bachelor/Bachelorette Fantasy Suites equipped with tools for safe sex — aka condoms? Yes! They are! according to host Chris Harrison in the Huffington Post. Producers equip the Fantasy Suites with “all the tools necessary”. The suites are stocked with “anything you need to have safe sex” . “I think [the … Read more

What really happened between Ben and Courtney in Puerto Rico?

Everyone was shocked when Courtney Robertson broke Bachelor protocol and headed to Ben Flajnik’s suite for some sexy time in Puerto Rico. The two took a late night dip in the ocean in order to ditch their mics for a bit of privacy and the rest is Bachelor history! So if you have been wondering: What … Read more

Ben Flajnik blast ex fiance Courtney Robertson for exposing sex secrets in her book

Well 2 years after infamous Courtney Robertson made headlines for making more than a few of her cast members upset by her rather ruthless behavior she is STILL not making any friends with members of Bachelor Nation.  Season 16 Bachelor star Ben Flajnik is a bit angry that his ex-fiance is revealing all the intimate details of their sex … Read more

Courtney Robertson disses Ben Flajnik in new Bachelor tell-all book

Courtney Robertson’s new tell-all book titled I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends detailing her harrowing time on Ben Flajnik’s season of The Bachelor, comes out June 24 and it’s gonna be good! For anyone who’s obsessed with this show and all the behind-the-scenes details and minutia that is never shown on camera, the book is … Read more

Courtney Robertson exposes Bachelor skinny-dipping secrets in her tell-all book

We have been anxiously awaiting Courtney Robertson’s new Tell-All book which hit stores on June 24 about her time on The Bachelor–remember Courtney famously claimed producers “brainwashed” her? Well according to the New York Post, Courtney Robertson claims that she did have sex with Bachelor season 16 star Ben Flajnik during the show. “If I’m going to … Read more

Is Ben Flajnik just using Kris Jenner for fame?

The problem with 15 minutes of fame is that it can be addictive and sometimes reality stars want to extend their 15 minutes into 30. So 31-year-old ’Bachelor’ star Ben Flajnik’s ‘tight’ and blossoming relationship with 58-year-old Keeping up with the Kardashians star Kris Jenner may appear to some to be opportunistic. Featured Photo: E! BTW, one reason … Read more

Kris Jenner has a lunch date with Ben Flajnik

Rumors have been swirling about a May/December romance between 58-year-old Keeping up with the Kardashians star Kris Jenner and 31-year-old ‘Bachelor’ star Ben Flajnik for some time. And it looks like they will just continue to pick up steam since Kris Jenner and Ben Flajnik were recently spotted getting cozy after a lunch date in Calabasas, Calif. on … Read more

Kris Jenner’s secret trip to visit Ben Flajnik on Keeping up with the Kardashians!

Keeping up with the Kardashians really delivered on their season premiere Sunday. Just when you thought that all possible situations had played out on the show, the Kardashian’s surprised with some serious content. One, the decision by Kris and Bruce Jenner to live separately and how the family would handle the media backlash, two, Khloe’s divorce from … Read more

Ben Flajnik and Kris Jenner call it quits?

This is one of our favorite new situations….the alleged relationship between Bachelor Ben Flajnik, 30 and Kris Jenner, 57. We can definitely say this is one amazing lady we did NOT see in Ben’s future, but hey go Ben! — love is love — we love a little reality Harold and Maude. Kris split from Bruce Jenner … Read more