‘Bachelor Pad’ Alumns hook-up! Tony Pieper and Blakeley Shea

Looks like this season of the Pad is saturated with Alumni hook-ups! First the strange pairing of Kalon McMahon and Lindzi Cox and now news that Tony Pieper 31, Lumber Trader and Blakeley Shea 34 , Bachelor Season 16 “VIP Cocktail Waitress” (wink, wink)/Bachelor Pad Season 3 “Esthetician” have hit it off!

Wetpaint in another one of their “exclusives” is exclusively reporting that Tony and Blakely are currently on vacation at a posh Coeur d’Alene resort and spa in Idaho. (I wonder if hospitality consultant Kalon McMahon hooked this vacation up?)

“This isn’t just a fling,” a source told Wetpaint — exclusively. “Tony and Blakeley are really into each other.”

Apparently things are so serious that Blakely has even spoken to Tony’s five year-old son on the phone. The source claims: “He hasn’t met Blakeley in person yet, but they’ve spoken on the phone.”

“Tony’s telling friends Blakeley is really misunderstood,” the source explains. “She’s not the way she came off on TV. In person, he says she’s very sweet and very loving.”

We are thrilled that Blakeley will be on this season. In fact she is one of our all time faves. I love Penny Farthing’s breakdown of Blakeley’s style situation:

“Blakeley’s overall style is a SITUATION! I’m 34 as well, so I can tell you that dressing “’80s hooker chic” is not *in* with my age group. I loved that Ben was infatuated with her look, too. He even said something like, “what’s going on with your look?” Which she took as a compliment I’d think, but I took as some serious inquisitiveness, like…really…WHAT IS GOING ON WITH YOUR LOOK?!? It’s almost mesmerizing how anachronistic it is. Hair elevated by hairspray?? Earrings that are a foot long??”

So looks like we have another season to examine the situation in more detail. Well all of these hook-ups are starting to make up for the rather lackluster cast on this season of the Bachelor Pad!

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