Is Jillian Harris still hot for Ed Swiderski?

Ed Swiderski and Jillian Harris had tons of chemistry on The Bachelorette season 5. The two were engaged and on the road to “happily ever after,” but like most ABC couples, the relationship ended soon after after reports of infidelity on Ed’s part flooded the tabloids — reports that Ed conceded were not entirely inaccurate during his interview on Bachelor Pad. The break-up happened in the summer of 2010, but is Jillian jealous about Ed being on the Bachelor Pad?

Sounds like she is still a bit jealous of her Bachelorette beau.

Lucky for us Bachelor situation connoisseurs, Jillian, like most Bachelor alumni, writes a blog about The Bachelor. Here’s what she said in a recent blog post she wrote about Ed being on the new Bachelor Pad 3:

“When I first heard Ed was thinking about it, it actually made me sick. Even though we’ve been apart for years now, I guess I’m still very territorial! But the more I thought about it, the more I realized this is a really cool opportunity for him and I’m proud of him. Who knows- he might even meet someone extra special!It was important for me to figure out a way to forgive and move on and I have this friendship to show for it!”

Jillian continues:

“As a matter of fact, Ed and I discussed going on the show together a while back – but I was just too nervous about getting hurt again. Turned out that the show’s schedule didn’t work with my NEW show schedule anyway [with the Love It or List It team] – so I didn’t have to make the tough call. Oh my God- how funny would that have been if Ed and I came back on the show as a team!?!? (not a couple though!!!)”

Jillian was one of our all-time favorite leads for precisely that reason. She was very evolved and mature and had the resources necessary to deal with the bevy of difficult situations the show had to throw at her. I dare say Ed doesn’t seem quite as mature or evolved. It’s a bummer that Jillian won’t be joining the cast since both Reid and Ed were top contenders for her final rose. In fact, it seemed her and Reid had some unfinished business, which is why Reid insisted on returning after being rejected by her.

And it does seem that she still has feelings for Ed and it sounds like Ed never completely closed the door on getting back together with Jillian — although if I were Jillian I’d close that door after Ed’s ridiculous alcohol induced antics on Bachelor Pad.

Jillian continues in her blog, “I think [Ed] and Reid will be HILARIOUS on the show! I’m excited to see them let loose, be funny, ridiculous and awesome – I think they will be great!”

Well we hear that Ed has a fling with Jaclyn of all people on The Pad, and we already saw the one-night stand with Sarah and we can’t wait for it all to go down!

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