Are Emily Maynard and Jef Holm astrologically compatible??

Today is Bachelorette winner/Dreamboat Jef Holm’s birthday, so it seems fitting to examine Jef and Emily’s astrological compatibility after last nights “Holm”run finale where Jef proposed to the Bachelorette in one of the most tear-jerking, heart-warming finales in Bachelor/ette history. So, are the two lovebirds compatible?!

Answer: Not really

Jef Holm:

Birthday: July 23, 1984 (Born in Utah)

Sign: Leo, Gemini Moon

Emily Maynard:

Birthday: Feb 1, 1986 (Born in Morgantown, West Virginia)

Sign:  Aquarius, Scorpio Moon

We are certainly rooting for these two, but if you believe that love is in the stars, the stars aren’t looking too good for this pair. Leo and the Aquarius are opposites and we know opposites attract, but both the Leo and the Aquarius are very strong-headed characters and will usually have difficulty finding compromise. This may become a problem when the two need to decide on a permanent place to settle down. I don’t really see Hipster Jef being happy in North Carolina, but I also don’t see Emily wanting to move to Utah (although I hope she will reconsider). Leos want to be the center of attention, as we’ve seen from Jef’s Instagram site.

Clearly, he is a healthy, self-actualized person, but he does love to be in the picture. Leo’s like to be Jef Holm tattoo tank top in n out burgeradmired, which is fine for now, as both lovers greatly admire one another. But after the excitement settles down, they may battle to be the center of attention. Aquarius is drawn to Leo’s charming nature and we saw that right out of the gate. Emily loved Jef’s swagger and charisma.

Emily has 4 planets in Aquarius, which is a fixed (stubborn) sign, and she also has Moon in Scorpio. I have a Moon in Scorpio and it certainly makes a person very intense. Watch out — if you burn a girl with a Scorpio Moon you will pay for it!  This means her emotions are in Scorpio which makes her prone to extreme highs and lows. The Scorpio Moon loves drama and intensity — they love to keep it “real”.

Jef’s Moon by contrast is in Gemini which doesn’t work well with Emily’s Moon in Scorpio.  Jef needs variety and stimulation and needs a lot of conversation (and as a Leo he needs someone to listen to him).  Emily is very set in her ways and her routines. This may cause problems. Notice how Jef is taking Emily on an adventure to Africa to build wells immediately? This is great for now, but again, when the excitement wears off, Emily is not going to enjoy building wells in third world countries simply because she prefers familiarity and safety.

So let’s get down to business and look at Saturn because Saturn is the planet of commitment. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look good. Her Saturn opposes his Moon (emotions).  Usually the Moon person (Jef) feels like they’re not living up to the Saturn person’s (Emily) standards. It may make him feel unloved.

So it looks like we do have a bit of situation here! We definitely want to see this work out so we are hoping the stars are wrong and ABC is right!!

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