Who is Michael Stagliano dating? It’s not Rachel Truehart

Fans were excited to see Michael Stagliano fall in love with Rachel Truehart this season on Bachelor Pad — especially after last season’s heart-wrenching Holly situation — but sadly it appears the two are not together. According to Reality Steve, who I seriously think has some NSA insiders tapping the phones of Bachelor producer’s and contestants (really, his detailed, comprehensive and accurate info is ridiculous. I mean… if something like the NSA weren’t at play, he’d at least get the outcomes of the show wrong every once in a while — especially if sources were coming to him for payouts the way they do with the tabloids, but I digress…).

So according to Reality Steve:

“What if I were to tell you that before filming of ‘Bachelor Pad’ even started, Michael was involved with someone (not from this franchise), and after filming ended, he went back to her and is still involved with her now?”

So it sounds like Michael was in the same situation as Ed with a girl back home and on a “break” when he went on the show. Bummer for Rachel, who clearly was in to Michael. And I suspect this rumor is 100% true as Reality Steve is almost always right. Sigh……. But, if he’s not with Rachel, then the real info Bachelor Nation needs to know is: WHO IS MICHAEL STAGLIANO DATING?? We will be doing our best to figure that out, so stay tuned! (He likely has been told, under contract, to keep the answer to this question under wraps until after the finale of Bachelor Pad 3, unfortunately.)


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