Blakeley Shea engagement ring: ABC and Neil Lane pay $100k

Bachelor Pad 3 Engagement Ring
SOURCE: Neil Lane

We all saw Nick Peterson win the Bachelor Pad and the 250k tonight, but the real winners may have been Blakeley Shea Jones and Tony Pieper, who got officially engaged! Blakeley appeared to be totally surprised when Tony got down on one knee with the 2.5 carat $100,000 Neil Lane ring, which Tony did pick himself BTW.  BUT ABC paid for it! Heyooo!!! Way to go Tony Tony Tony! Blakeley spoke to People magazine about her true reaction to Tony’s proposal during the Bachelor Pad 3 finale.

“I’m still in shock!” she said. “I had no shadow of a doubt that I would marry this man. I just didn’t know when it would happen.”

Tony told People magazine,

“I move quick,” Pieper told People. “I just had that feeling, and I care about this girl more than I’ve cared about anybody else in my entire life.”

We still think Tony is way more into Blakeley than she is in to him. After all we did just unearth this interview from a few years ago where Blakeley discusses what she is attracted to in a guy and no surprise she likes a bad boy, tattoos and all.

Hopefully Tony can butch it up a little for his new fiance. He is obviously (like us) crazy for Blakeley! The couple are now living together at Tony’s home in Portland, Oregon to begin their life with Tony’s son Taylor.

Taylor, meet your new step-mom!

3 thoughts on “Blakeley Shea engagement ring: ABC and Neil Lane pay $100k”

  1. You could be right, but somehow Im not sure these 2 would be smart enough to drum that up, but youre right they are the real winners…they just walked away w/ a 100k!!!

  2. Hey, you guys – and gals – don’t you get it? Before you know it, Blakeley and Tony will be calling off the engagement. Why? Because it was all a clever hoax to begin with. As soon as they realized that they were out, they made a plan: “We’ll pretend we’re so in love that we’re getting engaged. The ring will be worth $100,000 and ABC will pay for it.” Before you know it, Blakeley and Tony will put the ring on ebay. With its provenance, who knows what it’s worth… $250,000? They’ve already agreed to “Share”.

    • HAHAHA! I love a Bachelor conspiracy theory! But – in this case, although that would seem like a brilliant plan, I highly doubt that’s the case because ABC has been pretty vocal about how they handle the “freebie engagement ring” situations if the relationships don’t last. Basically, if the relationship doesn’t work out, they have to give the ring back. Like, Ali Fedotowsky had to give her ring back once she and Roberto called it quits.


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