ALERT: The Bachelor Season 17 has begun filming!

Bachelor producer Mike Fleiss tweeted this morning that the “Bachelor 2013” (aka The Bachelor Season 17)has begun filming!

Bachelor producers love to tease us fans because they know we are on pins and needles awaiting their official announcement about who the Bachelor is!

But, at this point, we are 99.99% certain it is Sean Lowe who, according to Fleiss, will be “the most shirtless Bachelor ever”. Apparently Sean is hangin’ with the crew of amazing ladies sans shirt. We learned earlier that the Bachelor crew was busy filming their B-roll footage of Sean’s hometown of Dallas Texas from Bachelor spoiler and “legal” wire-tapper Reality Steve.

We are now in the long dark season of “no Bachelor,” so any hints or tweets about the upcoming season will be covered in great detail.

We will keep you posted on the filming situation!

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