Bachelor Cat Video: Sean Lowe episode 1

Bachelor Cat

The following video was shared with us via our “Submit a Situation” link and boy is it a situation! It’s such an awesome, mind-melting situation that blends the wild Internet world of the cat meme with The Bachelor. And, it’s almost too amazing to handle! Almost. This is a video from The Bachelor Season 17 … Read more

The Bachelor Season 17 episode 1 recap: Your faves weigh in

Sean Lowe The Bachelor Season 17

Welcome to THE LOWE DOWN for The Bachelor Season 17 episode 1. Although the typical end-of-year hiatus from all things Bachelor was pleasantly broken up by the completely unexpectedly amazing premiere of Bachelor Canada, I’m still uber stoked that The Bachelor is back, and, more importantly, that our fave Chris Harrison is back. For this … Read more

Situation: The Bachelor Sean Lowe shirtless (Photos)

The Bachelor Sean Lowe

One thing about our next Bachelor seems to be unanimous among all fans: We want to see Sean Lowe shirtless! I know we got to see a lot of the likes of Bachelors Brad Womack and Jake Pavelka sans shirts, but last season’s Bachelor, Ben Flajnik, although quite the looker, just wasn’t as much of … Read more

The Bachelor: Sean Lowe Situation Polls

Bachelor Sean Lowe and Chris Harrison

Welcome to our Sean Lowe polling page! We will be adding polls throughout Sean’s season on The Bachelor, so check back often and continue to WEIGH IN! Exercise you’re freedom to vote and to watch reality TV!

Sean Lowe’s Bachelor 2013 contestants: Bio infographic!

Sean Lowe Bachelor premiere

Wow! Check out the super-detailed infographic ABC put together to chart all of Bachelor Sean Lowe’s amazing ladies! Reading their job titles is by far my favorite part. We also put together a gallery of the ladies and included our thoughts, which you can find here. We are so amped for Monday night’s Big Premiere! … Read more

Bachelor Sean Lowe extended preview of Bachelor Season 17

The countdown is on to Bachelor Season 17! The days of darkness between September and January are ALMOST over Bachelor Nation! We now have the biggest nugget ever of the new season of the Bachelor with fan favorite Sean Lowe. Enjoy!

Bachelor 2013 contestants: Sean Lowe’s 25 amazing ladies revealed

bachelor contestants sneak peek

We here at Ok! Here is the Situation get a bit of seasonal depression from about mid-September all the way through the holidays because……well, because there’s no Bachelor-related TV to kick off our weeks! But, that does give us some extra time to do unhealthy amounts of Internet research on the cast of characters we … Read more

New Bachelor Sean Lowe and Jenna Burke: They hooked up!!

Jenna Burke, The Bachelor

[alert type=’alert’] Situation Update! 1/8/13 [/alert] After watching last night’s Big Premiere of The Bachelor Season 17, we were reminded of this little post we wrote back in September. As you’ll recall, when Sean was talking to former Flajnik fling Kacie Boguskie, he said a couple of things like “Wow, this is crazy because I … Read more

ABC makes it official: Sean Lowe is the next Bachelor

Sean Lowe The Bachelor season 17

ABC makes it official: Sean Lowe is the next Bachelor ! They just announced that Sean will be their next Bachelor for the 2013 season!!!! Which means 1) ABC did listen to input from fans and 2) Reality Steve is finally wrong (he had previously stated that he was 1000% sure the next Bachelor would … Read more

ALERT: The Bachelor Season 17 has begun filming!

Sean Lowe Bachelorette shirtless

Bachelor producer Mike Fleiss tweeted this morning that the “Bachelor 2013” (aka The Bachelor Season 17)has begun filming! Started shooting Bachelor 2013 this morning… We definitely picked a great guy!!! — Mike Fleiss (@fleissmeister) September 20, 2012 Bachelor producers love to tease us fans because they know we are on pins and needles awaiting their … Read more