Bachelor producers panicked over their 2018 lead

Executive producer Mike Fleiss has been sending cryptic tweets all week about who may or may not be chosen to be the next Bachelor, but it turns out producers are much less confidant and much more unsettled about who they will choose than they are letting on. Of course fans are partial to Wisconsin personal … Read more

Mike Fleiss claims Bachelor Ben Higgins finale will be ‘brutal’


Season 20 Bachelor finale will be epic! Previews for 26-year-old Bachelor Ben Higgins finale look seriously intense. Of course producers are often guilty of tricking us with their ninja editing skills and making finales look far more ‘dramatic’ than they actually are, but this time they may be telling the truth. In the preview Ben lets … Read more

Bachelor 2015 Chris Soules season begins filming!

It is official! The 2015 season (19) of The Bachelor aka Bachelor: Amber Waves of Grain has begun! Limo entries were filmed on September 25 and producers were all over Twitter. “I can honestly say we’ve got a fantastic crop of girls for our #PrinceFarming Chris Soules. #TheBachelor — Robert Mills (@Millsy11374) September 29, 2014” Mike … Read more

When does ‘Ready for Love’ premiere?

If you are like us you are dying for someone to take the reigns on Bachelor-like dating shows and deliver some high-quality reality love situations. Obviously we LOVE The Bachelor, but we are wondering if producer Mike Fleiss has kind of lost his grip on what makes this show so awesome. Luckily there is a … Read more

Bachelor Pad 2013 Cancelled!!

Bachelor Pad 3 logo

THIS IS A HIGH ALERT THREAT LEVEL ELEVATED MEGA-SITUATION!!!!! ‘Bachelor Pad’ Cancelled for 2013 Apparently according to Twitter where all situations are handled on March 16, a Twitter-er @okatie tweeted show producer Mike Fleiss asking “when is the next Bachelor Pad gonna be?,” Mike replied with the worst words anyone could ever hear: “Not happening … Read more

ALERT: The Bachelor Season 17 has begun filming!

Sean Lowe Bachelorette shirtless

Bachelor producer Mike Fleiss tweeted this morning that the “Bachelor 2013” (aka The Bachelor Season 17)has begun filming! Started shooting Bachelor 2013 this morning… We definitely picked a great guy!!! — Mike Fleiss (@fleissmeister) September 20, 2012 Bachelor producers love to tease us fans because they know we are on pins and needles awaiting their … Read more

‘The Bachelor Season 16′ episode 2: A fresh pad in Sonoma

OK, so there were clearly a lot of situations last night on The Bachelor, but the situation I am most obsessed with is the new pad!!! Maybe I am a bit more sensitive than most people and notice architectural details because my background and education are in architecture, but I gotta say I was a … Read more

Jesse Csincsak calls ‘Bachelor’ creator Mike Fleiss a “bully”

This isn’t just a schoolyard taunt. This has the makings of a potential legal situation! In the January 16 issue of Star Magazine, it’s reported that former Bachelorette Season 4 winner Jesse Csincsak is set to sue Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss for being a bully. And Csincsak even tweeted about the story, urging his followers … Read more

‘The Bachelor’ Season 16: Filming deets and tweets

We here at OK! Here is the Situation take care not to reveal spoilers as not to ruin the magic as it unfolds, but there are some tidbits of information about the filming that are rather titillating. We have all heard that The Bachelor, after 15 seasons, has finally decided to “change their pad.” In fact, … Read more