Chris Harrison and Justin Bieber’s mom: They’re dating!!!!

E-Online is reporting that Bachelor franchise host, situation arbiter, professional love adviser extraordinaire, arm-chair psychologist, mediator, conciliator, go-between and Ok! Here is the Situation idol, Chris Harrison, is dating ‘amazing lady’ Justin Bieber’s mom also known as, Pattie Malette!!!!

Wait, what?!!!

Yes, we are serious. And they are also reporting the matchmaker is none other than radio situation specialist and media mogul Ryan Seacrest ! A-mazing!!!!

I know, it’s almost too many situations colliding at once.

1: We have a single Chris Harrison now dating

2: We have teen mega-idol Justin Bieber and his cute single mom

3: We have the random wild card Ryan Seacrest as match-maker

The last time the world of The Bachelor and (The Biebs) aka Justin Bieber collided was the New Year’s eve bash featuring Justin Bieber and Bachelor Ben Flajnik. Looks like those two worlds of pop culture are colliding once again for one GIANT MEGA-situation!!!

So it sounds like the two went to a Justin Bieber concert and Pattie took to Twitter to blow the cover on her hot and not-so-secret date.

Mallette wrote: “Cant wait 2 see my baby @justinbieber the Staples Center tonight,”  “So excited! #ItNeverGetsOld,” and afterward, Harrison tweeted, “Huge thanks to @justinbieber @pattiemallette for an incredible night. Huge cool dad pts! Great show!”

Bieber’s mom, Pattie Mallette, tweeted “Had a great night w @chrisbharrison! Thanks @ryanseacrest for setting it up,” to which Seacrest responded with, “Does he get a rose?”

Harrison says being a bachelor “scares the holy hell out of me.”

You may need to refresh on our Chris Harrison Personality Breakdown to learn why he is such a catch.

Pattie could not have chosen a better Bachelor!

BTW if you have not seen our collection of Chris Harrison “situation” poses and hand gestures….you must.

And if you have any doubt about why Chris Harrison deserves an EMMY, check this out and sign our EMMY petition.

Yes, it’s true we love Chris B Harrison with all our hearts and love this A-mazing situation!!

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