Jef Holm out and about partying without Emily Maynard

In our ongoing coverage of the Team JEM shenanigans we need to report that Jef Holm was spotted out partying without Emily Maynard this past Tuesday night. 🙁

During the San Diego Film Fest, the two appeared pretty distant and Jef seemed more interested in hangin’ and posting pics of him and his People Water crew than with Emily.

The latest report from US Magazine is that Jef Holm spent Tuesday night partying at the Just Dance 4 release party in Hollywood with Cody Barker from People Water and Ashley Benson from “Pretty Little Liars” (although let’s not get carried away, Ashley Benson may just have been another attendee of the party hangin’ with Jef). But fiance Emily Maynard was nowhere to be seen.

In Touch also just reported this about the two: “They barely want to be around each other unless they have to.”

Team JEM fans, I know this is difficult. Just the idea that Jef and Emily may not make it to the alter is a bitter bitter pill to swallow. But all of these corroborating reports are looking pretty consistent and grim. But let’s look on the bright side. If things don’t work out Dreamboat Jef Holm will be available once again and may even become the Bachelor!!!


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