Watch Bachelor Canada online at CityTV: Full episodes!

**UPDATE: 10/11/17** I’m sure all of you American Bachelor fans are looking for how to see the new season of Bachelor Canada online. As an avid Bachelor fan I will look in to this thoroughly and give an update on what I discover shortly! Viva Bachelor!

In the meantime if you are lucky enough to live in Canada you can watch in online here.

**UPDATE: 10/4/12** I just woke up and ran to my computer to watch The Bachelor Canada streaming online via the link they sent me via Twitter last night, but, alas, everyone’s speculations were right, which I confirmed with them this morning: They are only allowed to stream the show online for Canadian viewers! I’m sure there are illegal ways to view it using bitTorrents, but I really don’t want to condone pirating (maybe). Please let us know in the comments section if you’re a U.S. resident and figure out how to watch it…legally. Thanks!


UPDATE: 3:19:2014 Brad and Bianka announce their break up!

Thankfully a temporary cure for my Bachelor off-season withdrawal symptoms is in sight! I knew The Bachelor Canada premiere was tonight, but couldn’t figure out how to watch it live. But, thankfully, I was just informed that us non Canadian viewers can enjoy each and every episode THE NEXT DAY online.

I’m slightly frightened by a Bachelor show that doesn’t have Chris Harrison anchoring all of the situations, but we’ll just have to see how Tyler Harcott does. I mean, he’s *not* dating Justin Bieber’s mom, so right there CBH (our affectionate short-hand for Chris B Harrison) has a leg up.

Will you be watching???

Once I’m able to view the premiere online tomorrow I will, of course, WEIGH IN with a micro recap of all the situations!

4 thoughts on “Watch Bachelor Canada online at CityTV: Full episodes!”

  1. Hmmmm….It’s 8:09am PT and the video is not playing for me online. Maybe it is blocked for U.S. viewers?? That would be tragic. Ok, I will Tweet the BachCanada people to get the 411.

  2. How nice that you get to see it the next day, unlike us in Canada. If we miss an episode of the US version, it’s too bad because the episodes are blocked for us. argh…Yes, I saw the first episode. I think he chose his girl tonight so they can cancel the show. Haha!


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