Bachelor 2013 contestants: Sean Lowe’s 25 amazing ladies revealed

We here at Ok! Here is the Situation get a bit of seasonal depression from about mid-September all the way through the holidays because……well, because there’s no Bachelor-related TV to kick off our weeks! But, that does give us some extra time to do unhealthy amounts of Internet research on the cast of characters we will be set to see on Sean Lowe’s season of The Bachelor in January. And, since ABC just announced his 25 ladies (well, they officially announced only 24 of them, but the Interwebs have already spoiled mystery lady #25, as well as a mystery lady #26 — details below), here is our list of the ladies, along with some “first impression” thoughts. And, if you click some of their names, you’ll be taken to individual bio pages for each of the ladies that will include as much information as we can muster! **work in progress!**

Amanda Meyer

I’m getting a good vibe from Amanda overall. Her answers to ABC’s Qs were actually pretty intelligent, considering. But, the chunky-necklace-with-flannel-shirt combo is a bit of a fashion stretch, even for me.

Something about her reminds me of Jackie Gordon from Brad Womack’s second season. She just looks fairly down-to-earth, nice and normal. Which…..may or may not bode well for her in a mansion filled with what looks to be a lot of what I’ll call “fake-y fakertons” and personal trainer types.

Ashlee Frazier

Man, it’s hard to get a good sense of the fashion choices from these shoulders-and-up shots. I guess I’m going to have to really pay attention to faces and hair….

Ashlee gets a strike against her for the double-e at the end of her name and for her streaky highlights, but, otherwise, she seems OK. A bit boring, but OK. What a glowing endorsement! haha. Also, her ABC answer stating it could easily take her 3 hours to get ready to go out for a night on the town = SCARY. I guess some guys don’t mind this, though. I mean, they must not, because a lot of guys seem to date the it-takes-me-3-hours-to-leave-the-house-type girls. I find it unfathomable. But, then again, I own a pair of Oliver Twist-styled pleated sweatpants, so what do I know….

Ashley Palenkas

Ok, I’m just now realizing that we have THREE Ashleys on this season! And, for some reason, because Ashlee-with-two-Es is spelled differently, I guess ABC isn’t going to use the first initial of her last name? But, unless it’s pronounced differently, this could make for some fun and confusing rose ceremonies! Yes!

Ashley P. just looks kind of gross. Not liking the dark-to-light hair color fade out. Not liking the hand-on-hip pose. Just not liking her.

Ashley H.

Holy, hair! Now that is a serious MANE, especially on such a petite frame. And, that is a serious off-the-Marshalls-rack necklace! Also, I’m blinking my eyes here, but she seems to be a “woman of color,” which means she’ll be gone by Night 2, since this is The Bachelor after all.

Also of note: Per her ABC answers, she likes using semi-colons…and not entirely correctly.


Brooke gets the same “Gone by Night 2” call Ashley H (not that Ashley H) got above. Otherwise, other than her looooooooooong extendo earrings, she looks pretty normal and nice and sweet.

Catherine Giudici

This girl has some SASS. You can just see the sass oozing from this energetic head shot pose with the lean-back and the wild shirt. I don’t see her making it very far with Sean, but I bet she’ll be one of the firecrackers in the house. Can’t you just SEE the drama?

Daniella McBride

Daniella looks kind of coy and mysterious in this photo, which means I’m thinking she might go fairly far. I’m giving Daniella “Top 4” status. Also, there’s nothing really alarming going on with her hair or with her fashion (from what I can see).

Note: Daniella is in C Lo’s Top 4 too! And, she made it into my husband’s Top 4. Go, Daniella!

Desiree Hartsock

Apparently this is the season of the TANK TOP in the ABC head shots. I’m not into the indecision going on with Desiree’s bangs, but otherwise she looks pretty normal and harmless. God, this batch of girls are kind of boring for us bloggers so far!

Diana Weeks Willardson

(aka Jef Holm’s hair stylist — seriously!)

When you look at our website’s analytics, it’s amazing to see how many people are searching for information using the keywords “jef holm hair.” I mean, what is up with this fascination with Jef’s hair?!?! And now, we have his hair stylist joining the cast of Sean Lowe’s season? I guess ABC knows how to give the fans what they want, and that is more intel on Jef Holm’s hair apparently! So, that’s all I really have to say about Diana. I just hope she talks a lot about Jef and Jef’s hair.

Note: C Lo has Diana in her Top 4!

Jackie Parr

ABC hasn’t posted the ages of the girls on their gallery yet, but Jackie is looking like she might be one of the older contestants. And she likes to talk about her Mom a lot. And, yep, it’s another TANK TOP!

Note: Oddly enough, and these picks were all done separately, C Lo *and* my husband picked Jackie as one of their Top 4, so….I guess there’s  a diverse and healthy difference of opinion going on here. Yes!

Katie Levans

It’s the Noxzema girl! Sean’s going to be so excited!

Kelly Dutton

Another tank top. Another crazy hair dye job. This girl looks overly processed and fake-y, like Emily Maynard, but doesn’t have the je ne said quois that Emily has. Instead, she just kinda of scares me. (Note: I scare easily.)

Note: C Lo has Kelly in her Top 4. As an aside, I *almost* put Kelly in my Top 4, for what it’s worth. She still scares me. But, she looks like the type of girl that might win the Bachelor nonetheless.


Ok, Kariann looks like the girl that will seem normal in the limo ride over on Night One, but will end up being kind of catty and weird during the cocktail party….and then won’t get a rose. Oh, and TANK TOP!

Kristy Kaminski

Holy wow that is an impressively shiny, white grill. She looks like she might eat me….and Sean.

Lacey Latka

Eh. Yawn. And, tank top! Nothing really exciting going on here. And, she looks a bit old for The Bachelor.

Lauren Marchetti

Awww…Lauren looks so cute! I’m putting her in my Top 4 pool. She looks sweet, normal and not overly processed. WIN!

Lesley Murphy

Nope. She looks like a BUNDLE! And, the collared tank top is one of the worst shirt style ideas of all time. It’s like you’re trying to make a casual look more formal. Oh wait, this is reminding me of my pleated sweatpants, once again. Ok, so I’m no fashion plate myself. 🙂

Leslie Hughes

A THIRD woman of color?!?! Wow, ABC must be really worried about that diversity lawsuit.

Lindsay Yenter

Top 4 material. You heard it here first. She just looks so girl-next-door-y, which is great for Sean.

Note: My husband *and* Bachelor Ben Flajnik (via a Tweet) also have Lindsay as one of their Top Picks.

Robyn Howard

Wait. Hold the phone. A FOURTH woman of color?!?! Wow! Go, ABC! Maybe you can break free from your stereotypical all-white-casting mold!!

Robyn is wearing a tank top. But, this tank top is looking fairly athletic and she’s looking fairly fit and healthy. ABC is withholding ages and job titles at this point, but I’m going to guess: Personal Trainer.

Loving this answer too: What is the most outrageous thing you have ever done? Going on a stake out to stalk my friend’s ex-boyfriend.

Sarah Herron

Now this is an interesting tank top choice. It’s almost as if there’s a ring of hardcore chain mail-like armor circling the neck.

Selma Alameri

Selma is Ok. But, I’m going to bet Sean likes the blondes, so I don’t see her going very far. Yet another girl in a tank top with a serious head of hair!

Also, she has bad taste in music.

Note: Selma is my husband’s final pick to round out his Top 4.

Taryn Renee Daniels

Hmm….I think she’s my last Top 4 pick. She doesn’t look scary. She just looks nice and blonde and unassuming. And she’s NOT wearing a tank top!

She’s also wearing a crucifix, and we all know Sean, at the end of the day, wants to give his final rose to JC, so he’ll love this!

Tierra LiCausi

Tierra will be booted night one. She looks like a hyper pharmaceutical sales rep. I just don’t see it!


Per legal wire-tapping intel via Reality Steve, the following two familiar faces will also be competing for Sean Lowe’s heart, making the total number of amazing ladies vying for Sean TWENTY-SIX! Hopefully the extra one-lady odds will pay off for Sean. We want him to decide who he wants to spend THE REST OF HIS LIFE with in a mere 9 weeks!! Yes!

Paige Vigil

(aka Bachelor Pad 3 “superfan”)

This is a really odd casting choice for Sean.

Kacie Boguskie

(Yep, again!)

Kacie from Ben Flajnik's season of 'The Bachelor'

I know a lot of Bachelor fans think Kacie B and Sean would make a cute couple, and I don’t disagree. But, considering she was at the same charity event where Sean hooked up with Jenna Burke, one would have to assume the chemistry already just isn’t there between these two. Not sure why she’s even doing the show, actually. It’s kind of weird to have been passed over already at a hang out….and then decide to pursue the Bachelor.






 Jesus Christ



The newest amazing lady to join the cast….

Jesus of Nazareth

We know Sean is dating 25 amazing ladies but we also know the real final rose will go to JC so we thought he deserved an amazing lady page this season.




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11 thoughts on “Bachelor 2013 contestants: Sean Lowe’s 25 amazing ladies revealed”

  1. Thanks CLo. I think I may have to rethink my choices, for Sean. I read Shay’s Blog, (Sean’s sister, Shay Shull). Sean and family are members of a Baptist church, in Texas. Sean’s dad, Jay, has written a book about Witnessing, which is a way of talking to others about JC. Sean also did some Witnessing, to some of the other contestants, vying for Emily’s heart. Sean is in a very close-knit family. Shay, her hubby, Andrew, Sean and Jay, all work together at State Farm Insurance. .

    Bachelor is advertised as a reality TV show. However, it is mainly fantasy, as we all know. Most of the love relationships do not work out. If Sean is going to have any relationship that will work out, I have to pay more attention to the jewelry that the contestants wear, until we know more about these ladies. I know it may mean nothing, if a gal wears a cross hanging from her necklace. But, Sean definitely needs a lady who will feel comfortable around his family. She needs to love JC and Witnessing as much as Sean and his family do. Otherwise, she is going to fit in, “like a sore thumb”. Sean and his family are not the Jim Jone’s Cult, but, they all work together, pray at church together and drink the same “Kool-ade” Any gal Sean chooses, should like Kool-Ade.

  2. I think Sean is looking for the girl-next-door type, family oriented, Christian. I don’t think he will go non-Caucasian. Lauren is a cheerleader. He’s been there, done that, with his last girlfriend. Diana has 2 kids and is a hair stylist. I think he’ll pass up on her. Jackie is older. Think Sean wants younger gals. Lacey is older and not very curvy. Sean likes the curvy types. Danielle is an actress. Don’t think Sean wants an actress. Selma may be too exotic for Sean. Taryn is too old. Ashlee is a possibility, but, she doesn’t stand out. Of my 5 picks, I don’t know which are Christian. We know very little about Lindsay Yenter. Her Dad is in the military. So, it seems she knows how to keep things Top Secret.

    • Wow! I LOVE your detailed analysis Jane!! It will be great to see if your predictions are right. I didnt know that about Diana…she’ll be gone when he finds out she has 2 kids. I know he was in to Emily but he is old fashioned and will likely choose a girl w/ no kids. He said w/ his last gf they were more like friends and I think that was the cheerleader so you are probably right.. I need to marinate in the options a bit more to get a finger on the pulse.

  3. Thanks, CLo and Penny, for your responses. Many of the contestants have already left the mansion. If Sean has any doubts about her, he has to get rid of her, sooner. With her handicap, she may be perceived as vulnerable (light armor) and Sean will get too much bad press, if he dumps her, later. If she is the controversial “firecracker”, (heavy armor), she may not elicit our compassion. My Top picks are Amanda, Keriann, Leslie Murphy, Lindsay Yenter and Sarah. I will explain my reasons.

  4. Regarding my comments: All these contestants need “armor”, to withstand the public’s scrutiny and comments. In addition, each season needs a contestant or two who makes bold, controversial statements, aka “the bitch”. But, equally significant, each season needs several contestants who will breakdown, emotionally. From what I hear, both controversy and breakdowns are good for business. In time, I may find out that Sarah is the “bitch” of the group. She may have a two inch thick shield of armor. Until then, she gets my compassion. Either, she’ll be sent home early, or, she’ll stay til the end. I think it would be a bad business decision, to string her along.

    • Jane – Thanks for weighing in! Your first comment drove me to investigate Sarah further on Reality Steve, which is when I realized her handicap and had to revise my analysis! At first I just thought “eh – doesn’t seem like a match for Sean,” but now I am definitely rooting for her for her courage to go on such a crazy reality show! Overall, it looks like Sean has a pretty amazing crop of ladies. So amazing, in fact, that I was left with only their tank tops to “discuss”! Ha! I can’t wait to learn more as the drama unfolds in Jan! 🙂

    • Jane your comment is well taken. We really try to not be mean-spirited in our analysis of Bachelor amazing ladies. Obviously they had to be pretty amazing to get on the show!!! So we figured a little fun discussing tank tops and bangs and jewelry was all in good spirits. We honestly had no clue Sarah had a handicap. We would NEVER poke fun at that. So thank you for making us aware. Please continue to weigh-in. We love to discuss all things Bachelor. 🙂

  5. Glad you changed your comment about Sarah Herron. Sarah will need that “ring of hardcore chainmail-like armor circling her neck”, don’t you think? She must hear comments like “Oh God, no!” She was very brave, not “very stupid”, to apply for the show. I don’t see the missing arm and hand. I see the “brave”. Hope you will see the “brave”, too. Yes, Sarah will need the “armor”, because she will be on the show, for a long time.


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