‘Bachelor Season 17’ episode 3 Academy Awards

Last night’s episode of the Bachelor was filled with so many over-the-top situations we thought we needed to issue some awards. So with no further ado:

1: Award for “Most Uncomfortable Bachelor 1-on-1 Date Ever”

and the award goes to….

Sean Lowe kissing Lesley Murphy
Sean Lowe kissing Lesley Murphy

Sean Lowe and Lesley Murphy for breaking the Guinness Book of World Records for “longest on screen kiss”. Sean said this to People Magazine:

“The kiss actually really surprised me! I thought kissing for more than three minutes would be awkward and uncomfortable – especially since it took place on Hollywood Boulevard and in front of a crowd of people. But it wasn’t. Time flew by and it was much more passionate than I thought it would be. I think that speaks to the chemistry we share.”

It may not have been awkward for you Sean but it was super awkward for us. There is a reason no one has broken this record earlier. It’s hard to watch two people completely lip-locked–as in unable to even pull away for a second to breathe. What I want to know is who held the record previously?

2: Award for Most Dramatic Actress

and the award goes to…..

Tierra-on-stretcherTierra LiCausi for throwing herself down a flight of stairs in order to earn some 1-on-1 time with Sean, not to mention some screen time. Tierra’s fall tears down the 4th wall for us. Bachelor cameramen, boom mic operators and even our favorite Bachelor producer Elan Gale had to enter frame to check on the Tierra situation. (I can already see writers writing the second season of Burning Love –mark my words a girl will throw herself down a flight of stairs!!!)

Luckily Sean has perfect dramatic reality TV timing and walked in right after the fall. Tierra appeared completely out of it but quickly snapped out of being “out of it” in time to yell at paramedics to leave her alone so she could have some 1 on 1 time with Sean.

A concussion is a small price to pay for love!

3: Award for Most Awkward Sit-Down Situation

and the award goes to……

Kacie B!!! WTF?! I’m not even sure what she was saying or why she felt compelled to say it but she clearly killed any chances with Sean with last night’s cringe-worthy confession.

BTW, this is Kacie’s second award in this category.kacie-b-sean-lowe

Kacie pulls Sean aside with yet another critical yet completely unnecessary confession that she needed to get off her chest (Remember the cringe-worthy anorexia confession last year?)  She discloses to Sean that Desiree and Amanda are fighting and putting her in “the middle of it” (which is kind of funny considering she is now putting Sean in the middle of her being in the middle.)

Like I have said in the past Sean is not gonna put up with any drama. It’s not his thing. I loved his look of “are you f@cking kidding me!!!!” when she unveiled this big confession.

Anyway Kacie B. I think in that moment you actually took yourself out of even “the friendzone”.

4: Best Comeback

and the award goes to:

Lindsay Yenter who we thought for sure was gonna be out soon after her drunken wedding dress antics, but the girl pulled itLindsay Yenter, The Bachelor, Sean Lowe together this week and actually looks like a real contender.

So there you have it…..Christine’s Episode 3 Academy Awards for most out-of-hand situations. Stay tuned for Penny Farthings recap…I know after the bevy of situations last night it’s gonna be amazing!


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