DeMario Jackson claims he’s the victim of a conspiracy

The Corinne Olympios – DeMario Jackson situation unfolding on season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise has been epic. In the long 15-year history of The Bachelor franchise never has anything of this magnitude occurred. But it’s also very confusing. I have been struggling for days to figure out who exactly these two have a beef with … Read more

DeMario Jackson claims Elan Gale encouraged him to leave prior to sex-capade leak

DeMario Jackson has been chatting up the media about the now infamous sex-capade that got season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise shut down recently. In the first part of a long interview with E News he hinted that he was at the center of some sort of conspiracy, and in the full interview he extrapolates … Read more

Chris Harrison tells Andi Dorfman & cast about Eric Hill’s death

We know to some degree that The Bachelorette is scripted or shall we say “produced”, but we love it anyway and we really love those occasional off-the-cuff moments when things actually get “real”. In fact one of the most interesting things about The Bachelorette is not really what happens on screen but what happens off camera. And … Read more

‘Bachelor Season 17’ episode 3 Academy Awards

Last night’s episode of the Bachelor was filled with so many over-the-top situations we thought we needed to issue some awards. So with no further ado: 1: Award for “Most Uncomfortable Bachelor 1-on-1 Date Ever” and the award goes to…. Sean Lowe and Lesley Murphy for breaking the Guinness Book of World Records for “longest on … Read more