Sean Lowe’s OTHER Dallas Cowboy cheerleader ex-girlfriend Ryan Ray

So tonight one of Sean’s exotic, ethnically diverse amazing ladies pulled him aside to ask him the burning question: Does he like “woman of color”? Sean responded that when it came to his “type” he liked women of all colors and ethnicities and that his last girlfriend was black which sent fans into a googling frenzy looking for pics of Sean’s ex-girlfriend! (We all know ladies want to see the ex-girlfriend!)

Sean Lowe ex girlfriend Ryan Ray Source: DCC
Sean Lowe ex girlfriend Ryan Ray
Source: DCC

Interestingly it is ANOTHER Dallas Cowboy’s cheerleader named Ryan Ray. Ryan was on the 2008 Reality Show Dallas Cowboy’s Cheerleaders Making the Team which is another great Reality show BTW. Sean may not care about ethnicity but he sure LOVES those Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.

Remember his other ex-girlfriend was Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Brooke Sorenson who he dated in 2008.

With gorgeous girlfriends like this how in the world di Sean maintain his born again virgin status?

Check out this video of Ryan Ray…..






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