Situation Alert: The Sean Lowe Gay Conspiracy

Ok, well we know this is speculation and may seem absurd but so many people have been googling “Sean Lowe gay” that it got us thinking. Is it possible that America’s most eligible bachelor is gay? Keep in mind we are half joking so don’t get too mad at us for our analysis. So with … Read more

Sean Lowe’s ex-girlfriend gallery

Tonight we got a bit of insight into Sean’s “type”. Let’s face it we all wanna see the collection of amazing ladies that this 28-year-old Insurance Agent, Personal Trainer/Fitness model from Dallas Texas has loved. And we learned tonight that Sean loves ladies of all ethnicities and they LOVE him. If Sean does have a … Read more

Sean Lowe’s OTHER Dallas Cowboy cheerleader ex-girlfriend Ryan Ray

So tonight one of Sean’s exotic, ethnically diverse amazing ladies pulled him aside to ask him the burning question: Does he like “woman of color”? Sean responded that when it came to his “type” he liked women of all colors and ethnicities and that his last girlfriend was black which sent fans into a googling … Read more