Sean Lowe’s ex-girlfriend gallery

Tonight we got a bit of insight into Sean’s “type”. Let’s face it we all wanna see the collection of amazing ladies that this 28-year-old Insurance Agent, Personal Trainer/Fitness model from Dallas Texas has loved. And we learned tonight that Sean loves ladies of all ethnicities and they LOVE him. If Sean does have a “type” it appears to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. We already knew he dated DCC Brooke Sorenson in 2008 but we recently learned he also dated DCC Ryan Ray. So Sean loves a lady who can “bring it”!

We thought we’d create a collection of videos and pictures of these girls so you can see what Sean may be looking for in an amazing lady….

Sean Lowe's ex-girlfriend's Brook Sorenson and Ryan Ray
Sean Lowe’s ex-girlfriend’s Brook Sorenson and Ryan Ray

Case Study 1: Brook Sorenson

Remember how Sean confided in Emily on the Bachelorette that he loved his ex-girlfriend but wasn’t in love with her and she brought up marriage constantly but he just couldn’t do it because he saw her as more of a friend. The two stayed together for over three years.

Well you might be shocked to learn that ex was Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Brooke Sorenson. Brooke grew up in Florida and has been dancing and cheering since she was two years old. She joined the Dallas team in 2006 and you may have seen her on the show Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team. She was on DCC from 2006-2010 and held a leadership position on the team. If you have seen the show you have seen her exceptional charisma and amazing sense of humor. (The reality show showcases some truly amazing ladies).

She says this to Web Poptower,

“Texas is wonderful, but I miss the beach and boating like crazy! On the weekends I like to be with my friends, be at church, spend time with my family, traveling, and I always love to try something new. I hope to become some kind of broadcaster, unless I can find a way for my bones to take me dancing until I’m 90, but I like that my journey is unknown. Although, I would like to hope that we will be at the Superbowl this year. God Bless!”

So to review we have:
  • gorgeous
  • extremely charismatic
  • great sense of humor
  • fun-loving, easy going
  • love of family
  • a good Christian


Case Study 2: Ryan Ray

Sean Lowe's ex girlfriend Ryan Ray Source: Twitter
Sean Lowe’s ex girlfriend Ryan Ray
Source: Twitter

So Sean didn’t go far to find his next girlfriend. He actually dated ANOTHER Dallas Cowboy’s cheerleader named Ryan Ray. Ryan was on the 2008 Reality Show Dallas Cowboy’s Cheerleaders Making the Team. Ryan joined the squad in 2008 while Sean was dating teammate  Brooke Sorenson. Hmmmm that may have been a situation.

Sean sure LOVES those Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.

We don’t know much about Ryan but we do know this. She is:

  • gorgeous
  • extremely talented dancer
  • a woman of color

Case Study 3: Emily Maynard

emily-crying-finale2We all remember Sean’s nine-week relationship with Emily Maynard. Emily Maynard is the sweet Southern Belle from Charlotte North Carolina. We had her pegged as an enneagram six, The Loyalist.
According to the Enneagram Institute their key motivations are:“[Sixes] want to have security, to feel supported by others, to have certitude and reassurance, to test the attitudes of others toward them, to fight against anxiety and insecurity.”The Loyalist is more interested in having someone around for the mundane tasks of life and not the step-and-repeat media moments (see case study Courtney Robertson). Emily certainly enjoyed the media attention but she was looking for a steady life-partner.
She was drop dead gorgeous but let’s be honest she lacked a little charisma. So it’s interesting that Sean fell so hard for her considering his previous 2 girlfriends oozed charisma. We do believe Sean is also the enneagram 6 Loyalist which we will get into at a later post so he is likely looking for a safe and sweet girl over a Courtney Robertson mean-girl-type. (BTW, I knew immediately he would be enamored by Desiree last night).
So with Emily Maynard we had:
  • drop-dead gorgeous
  • seemingly sweet quiet southern charm
  • looking for a “partner”/ best friend
  • very loyal and family-oriented
  • evangelical Christian
  • a bit high maintenance

Side Note:

Jenna Burke, The BachelorKeep in mind Sean DID hook-up with Bachelor alum Jenna Burke at a Bachelor event which really makes him an enigma. But since it was just a hook-up I think we should cut him some slack. But it is important because Sean could have hooked up with Kacie B. but he chose Jenna over her. So I’m gonna say Kacie B. is NOT his “type”.

So judging by our collection of case studies what can we say Sean is looking for?

Obviously he likes a piece of eye candy and a girl that can put an outfit together. He seems to enjoy some sort of charm whether it’s the bubbly cheerleader or the quiet southern girl. I suspect he will not be attracted to any mean-girl types the way Ben or Arie were. Obviously God plays an important role in Sean’s attraction to a girl. I’m gonna say Sean may prefer a brunette and a girl that is gonna make him feel safe and cared for rather than a girl that’s gonna bring a lot of drama. We shall see!!!!!

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