Why Sean is having doubts about Catherine Giudici?

Catherine Giudici is definitely a fan favorite as well as a Sean Lowe favorite this season. She seems to be the uber catch, but apparently Sean was having some doubts about Catherine Giudici and a future with her.

Certainly Catherine’s concerned sisters didn’t help matters. They confided in Sean that Catherine:

“had a strong desire to pursue a career in New York and that she may not be ready to settle down. I found it strange that they were telling me this, yet Catherine had never mentioned it. I’m all for supporting her dreams, but I wished she’d shared those dreams with me. I left Seattle knowing that I had a desire to be with Catherine, but just wasn’t sure if our lives aligned.”

seancatherine--3885661566080906574Sean also claims this in People magazine about Catherine:

“Catherine fits the best friend mold. … We have fun together, can be passionate at times and she’s also very intellectual, which is an attractive quality to me.”

All season Sean had been concerned about whether he and Catherine could get out of “the friend-zone”. Although Sean is an enneagram 6-The Loyalist and the 6 is always looking for a best friend in a life partner so that may work in her favor.

“Catherine’s family seemed to be discreetly warning you that she might not be ready for marriage and kids right now, like you seem to be.
Let me clarify. I’m not in a hurry to be a dad. I’m looking forward to that next chapter because I’ve been a single guy for so long. But kids can wait for a while as we get to know each other. I do want someone who shares the same vision of the future as I do. That’s a no-brainer.”
Interesting….I like Catherine a lot but I have my doubts about her and Sean being a good match. We know the winner is going to have to be Ok with moving to Dallas Texas and I just don’t see career-driven Catherine settling down in Texas. I do suspect at some point in the future we will see Catherine chosen to be the Bachelorette.




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