The Sean Lowe fantasy suite dates: Sexy time?

Tonight is the big Sean Lowe Fantasy Suite date night. The night where the girls and Sean are given the option to “forgo their individual rooms” and stay together in a producer and camera-free fantasy love den, provided by ABC.

Now, there have been plenty of stories about Sean and sex and born-again virginity and all that. Apparently, as the story goes, he is NOT a virgin, but has since reclaimed his commitment to not have sex before marriage. It all has something to do with God and his deeper connection with the Lord. Great! Slightly confusing, but great!

And, last week, on the special Sean Tells All episode of The Bachelor, Sean gave armchair love adviser Chris Harrison a very gentlemanly answer to his “What’s going to go on in the Fantasy Suites?” question, by basically stating that it wasn’t any of HIS or AMERICA’S business. What happens in the Fantasy Suite, stays in the Fantasy Suite…and all that.

So, I guess we’re supposed to infer from all of this data that Sean is NOT going to be having sex with the ladies tonight on the overnight dates. But, my question is: Even if a homerun is off the table, which bases are OK in the eyes of Sean Lowe and the Lord?

I know. I know. Apparently this is none of our business. Duly noted, Sean. But, I’m still very curious how much sexy is okay sexy within Sean’s new, somewhat confusingly defined born-again virginity parameters. Because with all the kissing and all the hot tubbing we’ve seen this season, I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be all hand holding and deep conversation time.

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is likely something we’ll never know. And, we probably shouldn’t know it. But, that doesn’t mean I’m not damn curious!!


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