The Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici situation

Tonight we FINALLY got to see a 1 on 1 between Bachelor Sean and amazing lady Catherine Giudici. The two clearly have chemistry as seen in last weeks make-out session. But we were wondering if they would ever have a real date.

Tonight the ladies left the United States and traveled to Alberta Canada to breathtaking Banff and Lake Louise and Catherine got the first 1 on 1 with Sean.

Catherine-The-BachelorShe met Sean on a remote glacier at Jasper National Park, where the two romped around in the snow and hung out in a kick-ass ice castle built just for them (thank you ABC for the personal ice castle!)

Catherine makes a big confession to Sean at the ice castle (we were holding our breathe since the last big Bachelor confession was Kacie B’s big bout with anorexia, 2nd date overshare with Bachelor Ben). But we breathed a sigh of relief when this time the confession seemed oddly appropriate. She told the tale of a traumatic event that happened to her as a young girl as she witnessed a friend killed right in front of her by a falling tree. And rather than allowing the experience to ruin her life, Catherine decided that she needed to make the most of every moment. So Catherine certainly seems the most level-headed and the least bat-shit crazy of the bunch.

She also seemed really down to earth and professional in dealing with Tierra LiCausi as the EMTs brought her back to the hotel. The girl can handle a situation!

So undoubtedly Sean has a big crush on this half Scottish half Filipina beauty, but there are still a few other amazing ladies in the running. We are just glad that we have some contestants we can actually root for this season.

Here is some video that covers their 6-week relationship and captures the Sean and Catherine situation….Enjoy!




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