Catherine Giudici finally addresses the religion situation

Good God, we have been waiting all season to hear a peep about religion this season. We know Sean Lowe is Christian and that his faith is super important to him so it stands to reason that his life-partner would have to share a deep belief in JC, but we could not find a word … Read more

Catherine Giudici Neil Lane engagement ring

Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici Neil Lane engagement ring

We know fans are dying to see what Catherine Giudici’s engagement ring looks like after tonight’s tear-jerking finale!! Here it is Bachelor Nation….from Bachelor jeweler extraordinaire Neil Lane (BTW we love that Neil Lane flew out to Thailand with a box of rings in hand!). Catherine’s ring is a 3.15-carat platinum cushion cut diamond in … Read more

Sean Lowe talks about the intensity of the Final Rose and his family’s doubts

So tonight Sean Lowe will choose his life-partner after 9 weeks of “dating hard” on national Television. The Final Rose ceremony occurred Saturday, November 17th at the Pa Sok Tong Villa just outside of Chiang Rai in Thailand. No doubt the process of handing out that final rose has to be nerve-racking especially for Sean … Read more

Are Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici astrologically compatible?

Are Sean and Catherine astrologically compatible? Watch out, Bachelor Sean is a Scorpio! — meaning he can be a very intense guy. Obviously Sean is very spiritual. Tonight we finally started hearing Sean talk about “prayer”, “faith” and Jesus. He clearly took his role as the Bachelor very very seriously. His Moon in Aries which … Read more

Sean Lowe is anxious to start a family!

Bachelor Sean Lowe shirtless

We are all anxiously awaiting Monday night’s finale of the Bachelor. If any Bachelor can make it to the alter it’s Sean Lowe. The 29-year-old fitness model and devout Christian is clearly eager to lose his “born again virginity” and start a family with his new life partner of 9 weeks. And according to a … Read more

Bachelor Sean Lowe and marriage: Is he ready to wed?

Sean Lowe and marriage

I thought the following question and answer from Chris Harrison about Sean Lowe and marriage, stated in a recent conference call he had with the press, was interesting: When I talked to AshLee Frazier earlier this season when she was still in the running with Desiree Hartsock, she said she wasn’t sure the girls remaining … Read more

Sean Lowe talks Tierra and other cringe-worthy situations on the Bachelor

As the Final Rose ceremony approaches we are dying to hear about the  awkward and cringe-worthy moments Sean had to endure on his 9 week journey to find love. Recently Sean Lowe spoke to Pop Sugar about some of the most awkward moments of the Bachelor and moments he regrets. He also addresses our favorite … Read more

The Sean Lowe fantasy suite dates: Sexy time?

Tonight is the big Sean Lowe Fantasy Suite date night. The night where the girls and Sean are given the option to “forgo their individual rooms” and stay together in a producer and camera-free fantasy love den, provided by ABC. Now, there have been plenty of stories about Sean and sex and born-again virginity and … Read more

Sean Lowe hasn’t had sex in a long time

Last season of The Bachelorette Sean Lowe received a Fantasy Suite date card but much to our dismay Emily decided to keep the season G-rated and chose to not “stay as a couple in the Fantasy Suite” with any of her suitors. We knew Sean was really religious however we recently learned that he is really … Read more

The Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici situation

Tonight we FINALLY got to see a 1 on 1 between Bachelor Sean and amazing lady Catherine Giudici. The two clearly have chemistry as seen in last weeks make-out session. But we were wondering if they would ever have a real date. Tonight the ladies left the United States and traveled to Alberta Canada to breathtaking Banff … Read more