Situation Alert: The Sean Lowe Gay Conspiracy

Ok, well we know this is speculation and may seem absurd but so many people have been googling “Sean Lowe gay” that it got us thinking. Is it possible that America’s most eligible bachelor is gay?

Keep in mind we are half joking so don’t get too mad at us for our analysis.

So with no further ado let’s present the exhibits for The Sean Lowe Gay Conspiracy:

1: The Born Again Virgin situation: Sean apparently has not had sex since college and has decided to save himself for his wedding night. Good God, that is a LONG time to abstain from sex Sean.

In a new interview with People, Sean and Catherine explained why they’re waiting until marriage to get intimate–and you can tell it’s ALL Sean.

“From my perspective, I’ve lived life kind of selfishly for a long time,” ….”Now, I’m going to try to live it the way I know to be right.”

And according to an Access Hollywood report released on Feb. 6, Sean Lowe revealed when asked if his decision to abstain from sex was influenced by faith:

“Yeah, definitely faith influenced. And the ‘born-again virgin’? I’ve never used that term in my life. I think you’re either a virgin or you’re not. [Abstinence] – it’s just a choice I’ve made.”

2: Sean’s ex-girlfriend situation: Sean dated two Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. He dated Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Brooke Sorenson and he claimed that he loved her, but wasn’t ‘in love with her’ and she brought up marriage constantly but he just couldn’t do it because he saw her as more of a friend. The two stayed together for over three years.

Ok, if you are a straight dude, how can you see a DCC as just a friend”?!!! Don’t you wanna have sex with her all the time? Then he dated DCC Ryan Ray (this was the black girl he referred to dating) and we know he didn’t have sex with her because he hasn’t had sex since college. So TWO Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders that you didn’t want to have sex with Sean???!!!

3: Catherine and Sean are fighting: The reason this is in the exhibit file is because Catherine is a REALLY down to earth girl and doesn’t sweat the petty stuff unlike some previous Bachelorettes that shall remain nameless. So the recent reports and eye-witness accounts of Catherine having meltdowns with Sean make me think he is not all over her physically and she is freaking out.

Life & Style reported eyewitnesses spotted Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici fighting publicly at The Sayers Club in Los Angeles on March 18 while celebrating Sean’s  first Dancing with the Stars performance– and again just two nights later while walking back to their apartment complex where they have separate apartments.

“About an hour after they arrived, Sean and Catherine were in a corner, and she was clearly mad at him, yelling at him” .

“Sean was trying to talk to her, but she didn’t want to hear it. She was fed up with him and rolled her eyes. Then she started crying, wiping her eyes and looking away from him. She was shaking her head and hands at him.”

4: Body language expert claims the relationship is fake:’s body language expert Dr. Lilian Glass and she weighed in and said this about Sean and Catherine’s 9 week relationship

Here is what the expert said:

“It’s over-the-top on Catherine’s part,” Dr. Glass tells us. “Her facial response is stiff and non-emotional. It may work for a while but I cant see it lasting. It is also so superficial with her saying he is handsome and she is beautiful. She also wiped a fake tear from her cheek, it seemed contrived.”

5: He was crowned a gay sex symbol: Life & Style crowned Sean an official “gay sex symbol” earlier this year. NTM the very “not-gay” Ryan Seacrest demanded Sean take his shirt off in a recent show interview. Was that a secret gay message from Ryan to Sean?

So we can’t really say for certain that Sean is gay. I mean com’on let’s give the guy a break. He may just be really old fashioned and really in to commitment. But as connoisseurs of Bachelor situations we had to examine this one in at least some detail!

8 thoughts on “Situation Alert: The Sean Lowe Gay Conspiracy”

  1. Im watching sean and his so called fiancé right now on the final show the bachelor. Somethings not right with these two. Like the above comment I just don’t see this relationship making it. They seem so sterile and uptight how long can they keep up the oh, we’re getting married soon. Well, nobody cares anymore, its old. Go away Sean.

  2. The reason people may be wondering (me included) if he’s really just gay and hasn’t come to terms with it are the many gay references and innuendos that come from him directly on Dancing with the Stars. I mean what straight guy in their right mind would choose to dance to the song YMCA by the Village People? That’s the quintessential gay theme song for Christ’s sake!

  3. I have thought Sean is gay for some time now. He’s into body building in a very narcissistic, gay manner, and hasn’t seemed to have any serious, sexual relationship with a woman since who knows when, probably not EVER. He parrotted the same lines to all the women on Bachelor (very phoney). I don’t buy his “virgin” excuse… I think he uses this to divert attention from the fact that he doesn’t WANT to have sex with a woman. I really think he’s about as gay as they come. REALLY. Jake what’s his name (the pilot with a Polish sounding last name Puvulka or something like that) actually HATES women and is also very gay.

  4. Sean is gay. Did you see him on DWS where he was all over Tristan, who came in for the side by side dance? He was EXCITED to be near him and kept touching him. Everything he does with his poor fiancee is contrived and looks sterile. She needs to run far away.


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