Kari Krakowski stuns ex-boyfriend Ben Patton on Ready for Love

*Update on Kari Krakowski: She has an arrest record!*

Last Tuesday we saw Tim Lopez old flame Leah Trogan shock and surprise Tim by coming on the show to compete for his love. This week, the big shocker was an ex-girlfriend of bachelor Ben Patton.

Kari Krakowski (Age: 27) – Dallas, Texas — stunned Patton tonight when she emerged during the blind dates and pleaded with bachelor Ben to give their relationship another shot. It became obvious that these two had a serious history. It also became obvious that she broke his heart.


This looks like it could be a serious situation because Ben Patton is clearly whipped on this Texas vixen who quite frankly is a bi-atch!!

Unlike Tim who let Leah go right away because he saw her as a friend, Ben kept Kari around last night and that can only mean trouble. The two also engaged in an uncomfortably long hug in front of the other ladies that makes me think this girl is gonna be around for a while and that Ben is not ready to let her go.

It appears that Kari was arrested shortly after filming Ready for Love on a DWI.

Apparently they met when she first moved to Dallas and soon began dating. But the two split as a result of their busy schedules. Kari is a Sales Consultant at Oracle BTW. But we know she dumped him which makes me think she wasn’t that into him and that he must have unresolved feelings for her. So it remains to be seen what changed her mind (probably the idea that so many other ladies now want him). But she is now ready to take a leap of faith and fight for her relationship with Ben.

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