Will Chad Rookstool join the cast of the 2016 Bachelorette?

ABC just released that 24-year-old Dallas real estate developer Jojo Fletcher will lead the 2016 season of The Bachelorette which premieres in May. Interestingly Jojo talked to Bachelor Ben numerous times about her ex boyfriend  of 2 years 38-year-old Dallas salon owner Chad Rookstool. Chad broke up with her about 5 months prior to filming The Bachelor because he simply could not commit.

But nothing makes a guy re-think committing to a girl like that girl going on The Bachelor to meet someone else. So during Hometowns he left 2 dozen roses on her doorstep with a love letter claiming that he was now ready to make a commitment to Joelle. She calls him and we can hear Chad claiming that he has “grown and matured” and “now knows what love is.”

Given that it was Chad who ended things and he really wants her back, will he crash or even be cast on the 2016 show?

Some sites are suggesting a conspiracy that Chad Thedford is Chad Rookstool, but the theory is based on nothing. And I think the chances are slim to none that ABC producers would cast her ex on the show.

Chad Thedford Source: Facebook
Chad Thedford
Source: Facebook

Here’s the thing….casting Chad Rookstool would make for horrible television. Imagine if after her 9 week journey Joelle decided to get back with Chad? Millions of people would be throwing their remotes at their televisions and would probably stop watching the show.

Not to mention — imagine group dates with a bunch of guys she just met and Chad. How awkward would that be? He would be a HUGE distraction. Guys would probably walk off the show left and right.

That said, I think it’s possible Rookstool may make a cameo, but only if producers are certain Jojo is done with Chad and there is zero chance she would pick him. That would make for a good episode or two–seeing Jojo take the power back and dump him. But I think the big event would be heavily produced.

UPDATE 3/24/2016: I’d say there is about 0% chance Chad will appear after Chad just went to InTouch magazine to tell them that he and Jojo got back together 4 months ago as soon as she returned home from The Bachelor. This must be the reason ABC did not choose Jojo right away to be The Bachelorette.

Here is another interesting thing in this vein….when her brother Ben Patton was The Bachelor on NBC’s version Ready for Love, one of the contestants was his ex girlfriend, Kari Krakowski.

Kari came to win Ben back, but it didn’t last long so I suspect producers knew ahead of time that Ben would give her the boot.

Anyhow ABC has never brought an ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend to compete on the show and I think there is a good reason for that. They want a totally level playing field.

The Chad – Chad conspiracy is baseless. There is no way Chad Rookstool has any chance of winning this and the conspiracy assumes that “Chad Thedford” is a fake person and he is not. So the theory doesn’t even make sense.

At best they will let Chad R. crash an episode to profess his undying love and we will see Jojo cry and give him the boot.

As far as another potential crasher— Nick Viall? I have no idea!

I think there is a much better chance that ABC will cast Nick on Bachelor in Paradise rather than The Bachelorette.

Allegedly Jojo started dating Nick right after The Bachelor. I don’t think ABC would bring Nick back again after all of his shocking “off-camera” time — but I wouldn’t bet against it either.

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