Kari Krakowski has a new boyfriend and it’s not Ben Patton

Kari Krakowski, the 27-year-old ex-girlfriend of bachelor Ben Patton from Dallas, Texas on NBC’s Ready for Love who caused so much drama this season has found love and it’s not with Ben! So my theory that Ben Patton broke up with Angela to get back together with Kari Krakowski has been blown because Kari just tweeted about her brand new boyfriend Tanner Pope. As in, Tanner the foot fetish guy from Jillian Harris’ season of The Bachelorette!!! WOW! She must have seriously awesome feet.Ready for Love - Season 1

So, no wonder she sounded so happy. Looks like the two have known each other for a bit but only just started dating.

Belated bday present.. LOVE!!!Tanner-Pope

Alright things are looking up for the Dallas Diva who apparently received a DUI on 2/15/2012 right after getting the boot from the show and served some jail time.

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