The Bachelorette Recap Season 9 Episode 2: Your faves weigh in

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Welcome to my uber-speedy, micro Bachelorette recap! My favorite part of this week’s episode of The Bachelorette was “The Type 1 Diabetes Overshare”. I love it when there’s a serious sit-down that has to happen. And then there’s a lot of build-up about the situation. And then the situation is really not that big of a situation, at least in terms of relationship deal breakers.

“Um…This is really difficult for me to say….but….I have Type 1 diabetes.”

Good God! It’s not like he had to share with her that he has an adult diaper fetish! It’s like when Kacie B on Ben Flajnik’s season felt the need to overshare that she forced herself to puke at a Super Bowl party once (“I battled with bulimia.”) The things people feel compelled to share as if they’re SUPER important for the foundation of a relationship and/or “getting to know you” is freaking amazing.

In addition to the “Type 1 Diabetes” overshare, we also had three other amazing overshares:

“My mom was a drug addict.” (Group Date cocktail party)
“My Dad abandoned me when I was 5.” (First 1-on-1 date)
“I was in a life-threatening car accident.” (Second 1-on-1 date)

….and all of the above are at least a bit more compelling than having Type 1 diabetes for god sake!

Ok, I’m all riled up.

In other news, that date Desiree went on with Brooks Forester was freaking CUTE! He seems very down-to-earth and pretty kick-ass. YES! (BTW his Dad Was A DEA & CIA Informant!)

And, yes, Ben Scott is being a total jerk-face, which sucks because he was one of our out-of-limo faves, what with the mini-Ben appearance of his son Brody! We all know the guy that can’t get along with the other guys isn’t going to be a good pick. Which brings me to…..

I love The Bachelorette because of all the bromances. Everyone is so excited about all of the other “good guys” in the house. “Des, you have a lot of ‘good guys’ here.” “Brooks and Bryden have roses, but they’re ‘good guys.’ They’d never steal Des. Ben just isn’t a ‘good guy.'” Amazing!

And, finally, that Soulja Boy video date was one of my favorite in the show’s history. If you haven’t seen the full-length video, we have it posted here. It was such a fun, funny concept that was fairly Burning Love-esque. It’s always nice when a show can make fun of itself. Bravo!

Ok, here’s a roundup of other Bachelor Nation bloggers posting recaps and such this season. If you have a favorite blog you’d like me to start including here, just let me know!


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    1. Don’t you think the producers push them to overshare their “story”? It seems to happen too regularly to be coincidence. Like the “Tell me about your last relationship” conversation that happens on every one-on-one date.


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