Who is Stassi Schroeder’s new boyfriend Patrick Meagher?

Who is Stassi Schroeder’s new boyfriend Patrick Meagher?

After last night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules and Watch What Happens Live it became obvious that Stassi Schroeder and Jax Taylor are no longer together. 🙁

In fact last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live may have been the most awkward and uncomfortable 23 minutes in live reality show history. Stassi sat with her back to beau Jax Taylor the entire time.

So this had the audience scrambling to know if Stassi had a new boyfriend. Stassi would not confirm on the show if her and Jax were back together but actions speak louder than words. So was she back together with Frank Herlihy or was there someone new?

Well as we already reported a few days ago Stassi does have a new boyfriend and it’s not a server at SUR.

Patrick Meagher
Patrick Meagher

His name is Patrick Meagher and he is a talk show host for a Sirius XM show called Cocktails With Patrick. He lives on the east coast in New York City while Stassi lives on the west coast in L.A.

34-year-old Patrick Meagher is originally from Michigan (same as Jax). During an existential crisis he found himself working in a car wash and changing oil in South Carolina. He is allegedly much older than Stassi but we still don’t know exactly how old he is. We know that his father is a postal worker in his home state of Michigan.

But today Wetpaint actually spoke to Stassi about her new beau:

“I’m in love. I’m really happy,”…….“For the first time, I feel like this is what being in love is supposed to feel like. This person makes me realize that all those other relationships were just getting me to him.”

“We don’t go more than two weeks [without seeing each other], so I’ve been out here a lot and he’s been out to L.A.,” Stassi said. “We’re trying to figure out if I should move here or if I should move there.”

The two recently spent the Holidays together….

The two met when Stassi reached out to him on Twitter.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

“I was listening over the summer and he was talking about soulmates and how his soulmate could be across the country and I tweeted at him,” …..“He responded because one of his friends had said to him ‘you would actually like this girl.’ So my name was already in his head and I was out here two weeks later, we met, and it was like magic.”

Patrick has always teased his listeners by providing little information about his personal life.

He apparently did bring ex-girlfriend Chloe on-air at a time when he felt some damage control needed to be done and professed his love for her.

Chloe is also in the entertainment biz, working for so Stassi may want to start googling to do some ex-girlfriend “research”.

Well let’s hope Patrick is a better fit than Jax and let’s hope he waits a while before he gets any tattoos.

UPDATE: 5/09/2014: Looks like Patrick may have moved to Los Angeles with Stassi Schroeder. My guess is that Bravo realized Stassi was way too valuable to let go and made her an offer she could not refuse to return for Vanderpump Rules season 3.

An insider told us that Bravo was working with Stassi on a spin-off, and that may be the reason the two are in LA, but I’m not sure how viable a spin-off just show-casing Stassi in her new happy relationship with new beau would be.

I would not be surprised to see her back at SUR. But it’s also gonna be hard to buy the narrative of Stassi as a struggling waitress when we know she had better offers working in the fashion industry. We shall see! But Patrick has gone MIA from his show which makes me think top secret negotiations are happening as we speak.

In fact we have an amazing update 2/18/2014 on Bravo scrambling to replace Stassi with Carmen from our show insider here.

The latest on Stassi and Patrick. Have they already broken up?

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