Are Tom Sandoval and Kristen Doute still together?

After last weeks episode of Vanderpump Rules where we met new server Ariana Madix as she was transferred to SUR from Villa Blanca and we saw Tom ‘train’ Ariana to be a SUR bartender, everyone is wondering if Tom and his girlfriend Kristen Doute are still dating.

The reason everyone is so curious is because Ariana appears to have a ‘history’ with Tom Sandoval and his girlfriend Kristen Doute doesn’t appear to happy with this new situation at all.

It’s still unclear whether the two have slept together–but the two definitely appear to have some chemistry–Although on the most recent episode of Vanderpump Rules (December 2nd) previews for next week seem to suggest something did indeed happen between the two and perhaps more importantly Kristen calls Ariana a “homewrecker” on her latest Bravo Blog.)

Kristen had said earlier:

“Anyone who’s ever worked in service industry knows — for lack of a better term — that most of the relationships are incestuous,” she says. “We’re with each other all of the time. These are all mine and Tom’s best friends and the fights at work follow us home. The drama never goes away.”

So did these two FINALLY call it quits in line with the wishes of their friends and coworkers?

Well it sounds like from Tom’s Bravo blog that the two ARE still dating and weathered another season of reality drama. There is also a video interview where the two confirm they ARE still together.

He said this:

I was really embarrassed with the way Kristen acted. And, of course, because she is my girlfriend, I definitely feel the residual heat from Lisa and it always puts me in the most awkward position.

“Is” being the key word, but it appears that this relationship is currently loosely duct-taped together as Tom goes on to describe how he resents that Kristen is using him as a ‘punching bag’ and continues to bring up the cheating situation:

“I’m really frustrated with Kristen’s constant scolding. The fact that Kristen pretty much tells anyone with two ears that I cheated on her gets really obnoxious at times. It’s been over three months, and still every time Kristen has two glasses of wine she wants to started telling or reminding everyone that I cheated on her”.

“And the only time she wants to sit down and talk about our relationship is after at least a bottle of wine. Pretty much every social gathering or every time the girls get together and drink, I become a punching bag.”

Nope: status changed! Kristen recently moved out of her apartment with Tom and Tom is allegedly dating Ariana according to our source.

‘Tom and Ariana are hanging out. About an hour after the finale he started following her on Instagram…..It is official that Tom and Kristen have broken up. They are all still working at SUR and Ariana still works at Villa Blanca as well. I think after the reunion show next week, Tom and Ariana will make it official. Jax Taylor did tweet his fans about two weeks ago saying  “ You will never believe who is hooking up at SUR, even I can’t believe it!” I will hopefully know more in a couple of days.’

Vanderpump Rules

So it looks like the servers at SUR will have to endure a lot more couples drama from these two lovebirds, but at this rate I would not hold my breath that these two will be together for season 3.

Ariana is the new server at SUR

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6 thoughts on “Are Tom Sandoval and Kristen Doute still together?”

  1. Tom I`m going to keep it real with you k. So everyone is all talking how something is going on with you and Adriana. And you are already having issues with Kristen cause your trust was already questioned when you cheated on her and when she sees this girl now come in and people are talking and stuff about how you guys hooked up then you can understand how this would make her feel . This is just something that happens to girls . Her heart was already broken tom when you hurt her so when she sees you and Adriana then she feels like oh crap this is happening to me all over again. So tom just put yourself in her position . Say she cheated on you and you forgave her and now some hot guy comes in and people start talking bout how somethings going on between them now. Cant you understand how that would make you feel . You would just have this feeling that oh she did it once she`ll do it again. So, you see Tom that dealing with this can be hard so obviously you care about Kristen a lot and sometimes when your in love which i can tell you guys are you just have to make sacrifices sometimes. So if that means taking some time to just separate from Adriana then do it cause you will know and Kristen will know that you made an effort and cared about how she feels in this . Now tom i`m not saying all this to bust your balls , i just wanted you to see that instead of looking at a crazy girl who gets jealous you see a girl who is crazy about you and just wants to keep you around . I hope you`ll see that and this message Tom.
    I wish you the best .
    Luv you guys and keep it sexy always . <3

  2. I don’t understand why people are so hard on Kristen and give Tom a pass. He betrayed her. Plain and simple. No matter how attractive or confident you are, if your boyfriend of five years cheats on you (no less, makes a weekend of it!), it’s going to take you a long time to get over it. I feel for Kristen.

  3. Tom would certainly be better off alone than with his crazy girlfriend Kristen. Obviously he isn’t happy with their relationship. If he were, he wouldn’t have cheated. But who can blame him. I actually feel bad for him. I hope he realizes soon that she is no good for him.

  4. Ariana is the new bartender at SUR. She is not a server (waitress) like Stassi, Kristen, Scheana and the other girls. The only reason this is important to note in any way, is because as a bartender, her proximity to Tom is a big issue….at least to the idiots who work at SUR, and especially to Tom’s hideous girlfriend, Kristen. Ariana is cuter than Kristen, but more importantly she seems to be a much more confident person than Kristen is, and a lot less crazy to boot. If I were in Tom’s shoes, and if in fact, I had a choice between Kristen and Ariana, I’d go with the saner, prettier, more confident Ariana. Kristen drives me nuts on this show. She is not attractive, she’s jealous to the point of insanity, and she was a rude bitch to her boss.

    • Love your comment Rebecca and your attention to detail! yes you are right the proximity is a situation. If they are tending bar together and if something did happen between them and its kinda sounding like it did then this would be a concern to Kristen for sure……


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