Camila Galavis Bachelor 2014: Bio, Photos, Twitter

Camila Galavis Bachelor 2014

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Camila Galavis Bio

Full Name: Camila Valentina Galavis

Age: 4
Occupation: 4-year-old
Hometown: Miami, Fla.

Mother: Carla Andreina Rodriguez Reyes

Father: Juan Pablo Galavis

Height: 3’0″
Best Attributes: I’m loyal, I love my family, I’m feisty
Greatest Achievement: Being 4

camilaCamila Galavis is the adorable daughter of Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis and the most important amazing lady in his life. Her mother is model and actress Carla Rodriguez.

Juan Pablo told Extra :

“[She] is the biggest part. You know, she has to take care of me but understand my situation. I love her a lot because she’s gonna be my princess forever. It’s hard,” …. “When I’m dating on a regular basis, whenever possible, I introduce my girlfriend as a friend of Daddy’s. We don’t hold hands, we don’t kiss, we don’t sleep over, we don’t do anything in front of my daughter.”

“Juan Pablo would never pursue a serious relationship—much less ask for someone’s hand in marriage—without  his daughter being completely OK with it,” says the source.

Camila was recently spotted with her mom and dad AND Kermit the frog.

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Juan Pablo and daughter Camila Valentina
Source: Twitter


Juan Pablo Galavis at Disney World with daughter Camila
Juan Pablo Galavis at Disney World with daughter Camila
Source: Instagram



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