Does Stassi Schroeder get fired from SUR?

Normally I wouldn’t print social media rumors but this one seems pretty interesting and noteworthy–the rumor thats Stassi Schroeder gets fired from SUR!

Does Stassi Schroeder get fired from SUR?

A lot of people on social media seem to know something per their posts.

‘Johnathan Travis Rogers I do hope they talk about how no one from the show talks to her now and has nothing to do with her…even Lisa! And I do hope they talk about how she will not be asked to return to the show next season. SO glad they woke up and see her for who and what she really is. This is the kind of “girl” NO man could ever, never make happy! #Crazy #HotMess’

Several other people have chimed in on social media confirming the rumor that Stassi will not return next season. So it’s looking like a big situation may have gone down. We will keep you posted on this situation!

Last year Stassi commented that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump nearly fired her several times.

Maybe it had something to do with all the traveling she has been doing to visit boyfriend Patrick Meagher in NYC.

At any rate she is presently in NYC celebrating New Years with her new boyfriend and doesn’t seem to bent out of shape if she did lose her serving gig at SUR.


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