Season 8 of VPR Kristen Doute breaks with Stassi and Katie … and reality

Kristen Doute may well be the greatest thing to ever happen to reality TV. She is “extra” amazing on season 8 as she stumbles through her breakup with boyfriend Brian Carter. 

Will there ever be a Vanderpump Rules season 9?


Will there ever be a Vanderpump Rules season 9?, or 10, or ever? The bloodbath on Vanderpump Rules season 8 has been brutal. I just watched the season 8 reunion and it was brutal. Not the usual, someone gave Jax a blow job in the SUR bathroom brutal, but brutal in that a good portion … Read more

Did Stassi Schroeder beg for her job back on Vanderpump Rules?

In May Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder announced that she was leaving the Bravo show for good — In fact Stassi has blasted her co-stars for not growing up and moving on from SUR countless times so it’s pretty interesting that she is BACK on season 4 after insisting she was out for good. On … Read more

Does Stassi Schroeder get fired from SUR?

Normally I wouldn’t print social media rumors but this one seems pretty interesting and noteworthy–the rumor thats Stassi Schroeder gets fired from SUR! Does Stassi Schroeder get fired from SUR? A lot of people on social media seem to know something per their posts. ‘Johnathan Travis Rogers I do hope they talk about how no … Read more