We have a ‘situation’! Bachelor contestant Elise Mosca dated Mike, the Situation!

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Once again we have two reality show ‘situations’ colliding.

Ok, first we had allegations that contestant 27-year-old first-grade teacher Elise Mosca was a p0rn star (relax everyone…soft-core-p0rn), and now we have learned that she was pursuing …wait for it……….
Jersey Shore star Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino! Elise met Mike working on the auditions for the show back in 2008 and claims she was into him before America was. Mike Sorrentino

Elise was not surprisingly allegedly one of The Situation’s “booty calls”. Let’s hope Elise was part of The Situation’s ‘GFA’–‘grenade free America’ campaign!

Featured photo: MTV

This is a double back to back situation! Way to bring it Elise!

Will this ruin her chances of being 4-year-ol Camila’s step-mother!

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Bachelor in Paradise

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Viva La Situation!!

This situation earns 5 clasped hands!


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