Chris Bukowski and Elise Mosca leave Paradise, land in Chicago

Chris Bukowski and Elise Mosca! Wow! Whaaaat?! Isn’t she still nursing a broken heart over Dylan Pettit? Elise’ previous boyfriend was Mike The Situation from Jersey Shore….so…. Anyhow 27-year-old first-grade teacher Elise Mosca quickly rebounds from Dylan and I mean quickly. She gets an overnight date with new beau Chris tonight (even though Elise apologized profusely to Dylan and … Read more

Bachelor in Paradise Episode 2 Recap

Well the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise was pretty epic and left us on a serious cliff hanger–wondering who in the world Michelle K hooked up with that prompted the whole production crew to bang on her hotel room door and demand she answer some questions from host Chris Harrison? And how, for the love of God, … Read more

Bachelor in Paradise Premieres and the situations begin!

Tonight on the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise fourteen ex cast-members of The Bachelor/Bachelorette head to the Yucatan and the small town of Tulum, Mexico to find LOVE! And the situations BEGIN! Legs are being thrown in late night ocean dips, love triangles emerge, a Mexican raccoon becomes a shoulder to cry on for Clare, legs are even broken! … Read more

We have a ‘situation’! Bachelor contestant Elise Mosca dated Mike, the Situation!

Once again we have two reality show ‘situations’ colliding. Ok, first we had allegations that contestant 27-year-old first-grade teacher Elise Mosca was a p0rn star (relax everyone…soft-core-p0rn), and now we have learned that she was pursuing …wait for it………. Jersey Shore star Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino! Elise met Mike working on the auditions for the show … Read more

Bachelor star Elise Mosca Porn star scandal

Ok, at last we have a REAL Bachelor scandal this season. We have allegations that contestant 27-year-old first-grade teacher Elise Mosca was a porn star. The revelations may or may not shock / and or impress Juan Pablo. But relax it was just a soft core porno called  Yule Log Hotties filmed back in 2005! The Christmas-themed vid is 65 … Read more

Who is Clare Crawley from The Bachelor 2014

We now know all 27 of Juan Pablo’s amazing ladies and one of those ladies is 32-year-old Clare Crawley. Clare is a hairstylist from Sacramento, California and works at Mecca Salon specializing in men’s haircuts. Clare will shock Juan Pablo with a fake baby bump, reminiscent of our favorite Bachelor spoof Burning Love that casts a pregnant woman in her … Read more

More of Bachelor Juan Pablo’s women released!

Amy Long Bachelor

Reality Steve just posted more names and faces of three new girls for Juan Pablo Galavis Bachelor Season 18.  Maggie Gantt, Amy Long, Renee Oteri have  been revealed as contestants on this season. Filming has already begun! View the rest of the Bachelor 2014 contestants! Maggie Gantt 25, North Augusta, South Carolina Amy Long 27, Clermont, FL Renee Oteri  … Read more