Who is Jax Taylor’s new girlfriend Carmen Dickman?

Who is Jax Taylor’s new girlfriend Carmen Dickman?

Actor, model and bartender extraordinaire Jax Taylor has a new girlfriend and she is also a model and a situation.  Her name is Carmen Dickman and she is the mysterious blonde bombshell that Jax was caught making out with recently. She recently moved to California from Saskatchewan, Canada to complete her Law Degree per our source. She is also known as Carmen Leslie.

And it sounds like Jax is whipped. The insider claims:

‘Jax has a thing about always having a girlfriend around the holidays, he did the same thing last year to Isabel Arujo. In January, after the holidays he breaks up with them. However, Carmen reminds him so much of Stassi that he may not break ties with her anytime soon.’

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

She is also only 23-years old. So it looks like Jax is actually going even younger than Stassi. Carmen was the one consoling Kristen on the season finale so you may want to rewind your DVRs. The source also claims she will be replacing Stassi Schroeder next season which may explain why she has been seen hanging out at SUR.

The insider claims:

‘Carmen Dickman is being groomed to take over Stassi Schroeder’s role on Vanderpump Rules next season……. Carmen has been friends with Matt Cutshall who works at SUR and is friends with Jax. She is also most recently pretty tight with Peter Madrigal, Scheana and even Kristen. Kristen just over the weekend started following her on instagram.’

The SUR reality star was also seen with the Carmen at a Pre-Grammy party on Friday night for OK! Magazine!

Our source also claims Jax did not break up with Tiffany Matthews before dating Carmen so he is still a “cheater” and obviously a ‘situation’.

Carmen tweeted:

Yes. I have the hottest date

Featured photo: Twitter

Pics of Carmen Dickman


Carmen Dickman at SUR Source: Twitter
Carmen Dickman at SUR
Source: Twitter




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  1. I still don´t get the part about the alleged cameo…
    I believe Jax + Carmen met in January (as u reported), so she couldn´t have made an appearance at Scheana´s engagement party that was already filmed in June 2013. Could u clear that up for me?

  2. Please, can someone tell me where to look for that alleged cameo? I have been watching the season finale (episode 14) over and over and cannot find any scene with anyone consoling Kristen whatsoever… So where is that scene?

    And how would that even be possible considering that the event was already filmed last summer? How could Carmen be appearing in it? Doesn´t make sense…


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