Juan Pablo Galavis gushes about ex-girlfriend/baby mama Carla Rodriguez

Juan Pablo Galavis is on excellent terms with his ex Carla Rodriguez (hopefully not too excellent), the Venezuelan telenovela star. So it’s no surprise that he is presently gushing about his baby’s mama.

Source: Facebook
Juan Pablo Galavis and ex-girlfriend Carla Rodriguez with daughter Camila on February 8th 2014

On Feb. 8, he shared a picture on Facebook of the three of them together along with this message about her.

“Even THOUGH we are NOT together I’m GLAD @carlarodriguez22 is Camila’s MOM.”


Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

The 32 year-old single dad’s tight relationship with his ex-girlfriend has led to rumors that he may still be pining for the drop dead gorgeous actress.

The two dated for a few years after Camila was born but then broke up.

The two engage in very friendly banter on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram regularly.

A source close to Juan Pablo and his ex Carla Rodriguez recently told Star said this about the baby mama drama:

“I just can’t picture him actually losing his heart to someone he only knows for a short while, especially with little Camila involved. He’s Never stopped loving Carla.”

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Photo source: Instagram

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