Juan Pablo Galavis devastated about Sharleen Joynt leaving show

The February 17 episode of The Bachelor features Juan Pablo Galavis and his ladies arriving in Miami FL, (likely so he can visit daughter Camila), but one lady decides to get off the ride at this destination.

In the latest issue of Us Weekly Juan Pablo expressed his disappointment that Sharleen Joynt walks off the show.
The insider claims:
“Juan Pablo was devastated. The woman was a frontrunner. If she hadn’t left, the outcome of the show would have been very different… He didn’t want her to go, and he was completely shocked that she left,” …….
“She just wasn’t into him and didn’t want it to continue… She knew it was the right thing to do. She thought he was a wonderful man — just not for her.”
Well that was kind of obvious from the beginning when Sharleen expressed shock and a bit of dismay about receiving the first impression rose. I honestly thought she was going to walk off night one.
Source: ABC Sharleen Joynt 1st impression rose
Source: ABC
Sharleen Joynt 1st impression rose
Juan Pablo is cute as can be, but he is sort of lacking in the conversation department and Sharleen is clearly a very deep thinker. Apparently Juan Pablo had intended to give Sharleen a rose and meet her family, which is a bummer for us fans who have been preoccupied with Sharleen Joynt’s ethnicity and wanted to ‘meet’ her family!
Juan said this:
“I really want to go see her parents,” …..
The two supposedly go on a pretty steamy date on a yacht on Monday….
“They get very physical,” the source claims.
“Her attraction to him was pretty much physical. She is used to dating more challenging guys, and she and Juan Pablo didn’t have a lot to talk about.”
OUCH!!!!!! ‘more challenging’, aka less intellectually challenged. Also I’d say JP jumped the shark when he started throwing sheep poop at the ladies in new Zealand. Even Chris Harrison did not know what to do about that situation.
Sharleen apparently started to panic about introducing Juan Pablo to her mom and dad.
“That was the next step, and she didn’t feel comfortable doing it, so she decided it was the right time to leave,” …..
“She said she didn’t know if her feelings had developed to the point where she was ready to accept a proposal. [She told him], I don’t want to take the spot of someone else who knows they’re at that place.”
Image Source: ABC

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